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Good World 2015 Respects Your Privacy!


Truly! I know you like your personal information... but I have my own... and that's enough personal stuff for me. I really don't want anyone else's personal info.

The only type of tracking that this web site does [ to the best of my knowledge ] is very general and generic at best. Tracking things like - how many visits an hour, what browser was used , what pages did this visitor visit etc.

I DO NOT retain nor do I look for any body's name, phone number, Birthday or any type of information like that.

That's your info... ... please, keep it!

I am not certain what Pay Pal retains for themselves... [ I know what they charge for their service though! ...giggle ]

However, Good World does not receive anything from them except the standard
"You received a donation & this is how much it is".

And I suppose this concludes the official Good World Privacy Statement. Really, This website is for folks to learn and be inspired... not anything else.

Have you a good day in the Good World. - M. Corbett

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