Word Table of Contents - Tutorials

Here you can find nearly every type of Table of Contents that can be found in nearly any publication!

Everything from the simple to the advanced two column "Each Chapter" TOC can be found here.

The methods & techniques used in the video's
will work in all 3 versions of MS Word.
( 2010, 2013 and 2016)

Just click on the type of TOC that meets your needs or curiosity and - ENJOY!

How Can This Work in All 3 Versions !?!

It’s TRUE! These techniques will work across all 3 versions of MS Word.

Because… many features haven’t changed at all with each version of Word. The only difference is the cosmetic appearance of the dialogue boxes & Menu's.

The entire layout of the dialogue boxes, the way the features work… everything is exactly the same.

These methods will work exactly as demonstrated…
So by all means ---- Learn & Enjoy!