How to INSERT a Table of Authorities Document

Part 3: How to Insert a Table of Authorities using the Ribbon Icon.
After Marking all your Citations. This video explains how to use the Insert Dialogue Box and how to get your TOA into your brief. Some general formatting is explained.

All the techniques demonstrated WILL WORK in all 3 versions of MS Word

Tutorial Video Contents

0:14 ]- Before you get started (Document Considerations)
0:50 ]- If document has TITLE Page
2:13 ]- If document has an additional Table of Contents

Insert Actual Table of Authorities
4:01 ]- What to "click" on the Ribbon
4:12 ]- "Print Preview" box
4:28 ]- "Use passim" check box
5:28 ]- "Tab leader:" check box
5:46 ]- "Category" check box
6:20 ]- Button - "Mark Citation"
6:38 ]- Button - "Modify..."
7:46 ]- "Keep original formatting" check box

8:36 ]- "FAST REVIEW
9:25 ]- Closing Remarks