How to FORMAT a Table of Authorities

Part 4: How to format a Table of Authorities using MS Word.
How to format Text, Re-size the "dots" to the page numbers, How to split Citation lines in two - and how to indent different parts of the Citations. Also, how to adjust the Width of the TOA itself.

All the methods described WILL WORK in all 3 versions of MS Word.

Tutorial Video Contents

0:28 ]- Adjusting the WIDTH (Length of Dots to page numbers)
0:44 ]- RIGHT Margin adjust
1:30 ]- LEFT Margin Adjust
2:39 ]- Fomat the FONTS (text appearance)
2:44 ]- Catagories
3:23 ]- Citations
3:54 ]- Page Numbers
4:11 ]- Adjust LINE SPACEING (space between the lines)
6:11 ]- Secondary INDENT (applied to Split Lines above)
7:14 ]- Closing Remarks