word_icon.jpg MS Word Tutorial Main Page - ver. 2016, 2013 & 2010

Here is a growing collection of Video's explaining some of Word's more advanced features.
The Techniques demonstrated will work for all 3 versions of MS Word.
Just CLICK on an area to see what tutorials & information are available.

Table of Contents

Here is the home of the most complete collection of How To Tutorials that I know of for the Table of Contents (TOC) feature.

Everything is covered:

|  How To Insert a TOC: Start to Finish

|  How To Format EVERYTHING!

|  Make a 2 column TOC

|  a TOC at the beginning of EACH CHAPTER

...and much , much more!

Word users clearly want to Bookmark this Table of Contents page

Table of Authorities

One of the most perplexing dialogue boxes in the Office Suite is the Legal Table of Authorities (TOA).

Here are 4 very thorough and CLEAR explanation Tutorials

|  The Mark Citation Dialogue Box Explained

|  Inserting a Citation

|  Inserting a Table of Authorities

|  Formatting the TOA

Soon enough you to will be making Tables of Authorities just the way you want them - without all the confusion.

Images & Pictures

This area houses Image, Graphics & picture How To tricks to help make your visuals look their best. Video's on:

|  How to apply Shadows

|  How to Crop an image

|  Using the Gradients in text or shapes

And more advanced Techniques you thought
only an expensive image editor could do.

You'll be amazed at the graphic horse power Word 2010 possess