Excel_01.jpg  MS EXCEL VBA Tutorial Contents Page - ver. 2016, 2013 and 2010

Tutorials at a Glance*

  1. Make a Form Appear on a Spread Sheet
  2. Add-Change Employee Picture on UserForm







*Tutorial Pages include VBA CODE used in Video

How Can This Work in All 3 Versions !?!

It’s TRUE! These techniques will work across all 3 versions of MS Excel.

Because… these features haven’t changed at all with each version of Excel.

True, Excel 2013 saw additional collaboration features added to VBA. However, the Bulk of the regular programming hasn't changed at all.

The entire layout of the VBA Editor, the way the features work… everything is exactly the same.

These methods will work exactly as demonstrated…
So by all means ---- Learn & Enjoy!

Tutorial Descriptions

1. Make a UserForm Appear on a Spread Sheet

The basic 4 steps to get a Form to appear when a button is clicked.

1.  How to make a Form, give it a name 
2. Create a module for a SUB routine to reside in
3. Create the sub routine for the Form.
4. How to assign the sub routine to a button.


How to make a Click-able button out of a Shape with a picture in it for style.

Watch & see just how easy it is to make a form appear.

2. Add or Change an Employee Picture on a UserForm

Covered is How to manipulate the Image Control from VBA Programming of a List Box. The List Box, ListIndex and List Properties are explained. Also, How to start the Open 'Dialogue Box from a command button. Putting the hard drive path & file name into a variable then into the spread sheet cell and much more.
You'll learn a lot from this one!