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Alas... as with all things... it does take money to make things happen.

So it is true of the Good World 2015 web site.

Hopefully, if you found something on this web site that was helpful, interesting or valuable ... maybe you would consider donating a dollar or two [ or 5 or 10 ] to the cause.

Monies received will be applied to:

Expenses for the Tutorial Video's [ better camera's, microphones, quiet rooms, editing software, various assisting personnel as needed etc. ]

Expenses for the website itself [ SSL Certificate, yearly fee's for Hosting, domain name etc. ]

Christian Phenix Creation Time - I am only doing all this in my spare time! Just imagine how much more I could accomplish if my simple living expenses were covered!! The more time I have the more I can Write, creat inspirational video's, enhance and further current projects that benefit everyone... Everyone gets to enjoy what I have to offer.

Future additions -> PIANO TUTORIALS... especially How to Read Lead Sheets and
Piano Technique - How to Sound GOOD on the piano.

However, again - I have to buy a Piano to even begin that addition.

So, If you would... please Click on the DONATE Button. You will be taken to Pay Pal's secure page. You can Donate what ever amount is fair to you... and you can use nearly any Credit or Debit card you like... OR... use you own Pay Pal Account.

You can read the PRIVACY STATEMENT if you are concerned about you card info. Don't worry... I don't want your personal or otherwise info. I have enough of my own to keep up with. [giggle]

THANKS IN ADVANCE and please have you a good day in the GOOD WORLD

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