What Is Church?

Simply - in its purest form – The Church is our Living Reality! When you slipped out of your mother’s womb and into this reality – you entered the church building. When you take your last breath on this earth – you leave the church building. Everything in between is – Church. The church building is the living 3D physical reality we live and operate in. And we, our mind/Self \spirit are the people in the church building.

All physical reality is one of the most vibrant, dynamic amazing Temples of worship ever created. Alive with sensation and feeling, God has created and awesome Holy place. Everything is in constant motion. Plants, oceans, mountain ranges, animals of all description adorn this hallowed ground. The walls, floors, doors and ceilings of this “Church” are flowing with the same God Spirit that flows through our bodies and our Being.

So, what about the congregation of this Church? The entire combination of human, plant, animal, fish and microbe filling everything the eye can see. Every living thing is a part of, and connected to, this dynamic house of worship. Each and every person is a parishioner here.

That’s right, if you go to the bathroom anywhere, you’re using the church levorotary. If you’re walking down the street, you’re walking in the church hall ways. Anywhere you sit, you’re sitting in the church pew. Any interaction you have with another is shared prayer time. Small groups of people working to accomplish any given task are a Prayer Group. And all the people working at a huge corporation or factory are Sunday school.

So, how do you conduct yourself in Church? Do you realize everything you DO is a prayer? Every interaction you have with others is a prayer. Every sound you make becomes the hymns sung from the Choir. Your very body is just as sacred and holy as the Almighty One Himself. We could easily say that our very self\being is equivalent to an Angel living inside our body. When God was here on earth as Jesus He did not have to belittle himself. In fact, it was quite natural for God to inhabit a physical body; He made physical bio-machines to house Celestial material in the first place; and we ARE celestial material.

And what type of cloths do we wear in this church? We come outfitted with some of the finest living garments made. What marvelous “Sunday Best” we wear. Blood, skin, heartbeat, bone and a full complement of senses to feel this wondrous temple we are in. Hands, fingers, legs for walking, lungs for breathing, every one of these and more are part of our high fashion ensemble.

Once we grasp the true implications of this Living Reality as Gods own personal temple, we can easily see, with absolute clarity, the point of the Living Prayers. Each of them, quite simply, covers every moment of our living existence. Each Living Prayer makes complete sense in its fulfillment of our being.

Suddenly, many of the loose puzzle pieces of Christian behavior all fall into perfect place. All of them forming the complete picture of Life as a Temple and we are all a living congregation.

The realization that Life is the Omnipotent One’s handmade Synagogue and we are the devoted parishioners renders huge chunks of the Bible redundant. Countless books and verses become mindless repetitions of themselves; the same points being repeated over and over again. Different characters using different dialogue to narrate the same story. Several thousand years’ worth of trying to get the same message across; our living is Praying and Life is a Holy Temple.

This is what Church is in its purest and most truthful, accurate sense. Church is this living reality, this is the most unabashed pointed, and precise definition that can be presented.

All of the Holy Bible points us towards this inevitable conclusion. All the lessons of the Bible, all the commandments, stories, letters all take direct aim at this target Concept.