Prayers of Being

These are quiet, yet powerful Living Prayers. They’re more like states of personhood in the immediate present moment. I suppose, when they are active, you would be somewhere in between light meditation and relaxed calm. These prayers combine the present moment, our mental\emotional self, and the sustained connection of ourselves to the spiritual\God Realm. Usually, we become aware of these and learn to pray them when we are contented, quiet and peaceful.

Sometimes we’re just sitting on a park bench or visiting the river front. There aren’t really any thoughts running through our head. We’re not trying to do anything in particular. We just ARE. We are right there, “in the moment”, perfectly at ease with ourselves and our surroundings, just… idling. We feel rather calm, almost peaceful, about life in general. The feelings of contentment and rest fill out psyche. When we exhale it’s like that sensation goes out of us and fills us at the same time.

We enjoy the heightened sense of perfect timing of everything in our immediate view. All the sounds seem magically in sync with the moving cars, the people walking, the breezes blowing, bugs and birds flying around. We become aware of the way the light or sun light is resting on and highlighting everything in view. We feel very apart of everything going on around us. We feel and sense a complete connection to this world and still, we also realize and sense that we are a part of someplace or something else too.

Then, our thoughts and feelings turn to our Creator. We begin to “see” the beauty and complexity of the world the Celestial Being has provided us. We see not just with our physical eyes, but with our combined unified feelings, eyes and self. We are part of that wonderful entity and He is part of us. Just as He is flowing through this amazingly coordinated world, so are we just as enmeshed and fluid with this world and the Other Realm. We are now praying the Prayer of Being.

You don’t need to be “out in nature” to feel\pray this way. Many parents experience praying this prayer while holding a child that fell asleep in their arms on the couch. Many pray this prayer at the end of a busy event filled day, especially when much was accomplished, and now… they just sit, rest and unconsciously connect with God, the world and themselves; completely satisfied. These are Prayers of Being.

Prayers of Being are not only helpful for personal development, contentment and fulfillment. They are also staggeringly powerful tools to use during times of great stress, anxiety, fear, and emotional pain. If you’re feeling overwhelmed… a Prayer of Being can and will restore you to yourself and provide you with the insight and stamina to continue. After all, God loves us.

If you find yourself in the midst of a busy hectic day… and you suddenly realize that you’re not even bothered or upset by all the chaos around you… well guess what … at some point you began using the Prayer of Being to keep yourself oriented and balanced in the midst of “the insanity.” Surely we all can remember a time when we were crying intensely, or painfully love sick or uncontrollably angry – and then we paused. We mindlessly stared into the distance. And then, for no reason at all, we started to become calm and at ease. Yes, that’s the power of a Prayer of Being at work.

Some would call this “God’s Grace”. And they would be correct… sort of. God had to provide words for a phenomenon/ability that early Christians just couldn’t comprehend. Hence, we say the word given to us - “Grace”. The word used to describe the Prayer(s) of Being. We are told that this gift of “Grace” is available to every Christian – yet we weren’t or aren’t told how to go about acquiring it. The peace, contentment and clarity provided by this type of steady, regular connection of our self to the God Realm.

I suppose there are those who would suggest that this is blasphemy. No, it is not. I’m just recognizing that the word “Grace” has been used to describe what occurs when summoning a specific and clear type of Spiritual experience. Yes, this calming power does come from the God. Yes, this is available to us because we are a part of the God Realm. Yes, with practice this state of being can present itself reasonably at Will. No, it is not magical and unpredictable. No, it is not mysterious.

It just doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone that this “state” could possibly be under our mere mortal beckoning. I mean truly, if you don’t know to use it… why would you think to use it? Since no one ever explored the idea that a Prayer of Being might exist; it was never considered an option during times of stress or emotional pain. “Grace” and its effect upon us, has always been relegated to the realm (or whims) of the Great Holy One. Only the most worthy or needy would be bestowed with this type of “special gift”.

Our current mental health and self-help communities have the now common technique for dealing with anxiety and stress. “Go to your Happy Place,” they tell us. “Thinking of pleasant thoughts” will help to push out the numbing effects of stress and allow us to function again. And this is true, these techniques DO work. Yes, they are very effective.

Yes, they are also proof that the Prayer(s) of Being are real and effective too. The only difference between the two techniques lies in the extra spiritual energies that the Prayers bring to the table. The Being Prayer adds the “extra” that only comes from our connection to the Realm of God. Yes, your distress will become manageable and dissipate. Also, you will gain insights and information about your current or immediate dilemma that only the Holy netherworld can provide.

Let’s suppose that you’re in as office situation. There are 5 people wanting you to make various decisions about the many projects that they and you are involved in. Further, they are meeting and talking with you quickly and randomly. Additionally, they are not listening to you and creating more problems than you are solving. You feel like your head is about to come off your shoulders.

So you begin a Prayer of Being. Just feeling yourself in the moment, start noticing the flow and timing of the movement of people in the office as they come and go. Listen to the timber and volume of the people speaking, which is in harmony with the sounds of the office machines. Recognize that this is just a 3D world and you are an entity just visiting this body.

You will feel your breathing start to calm as you stay focused on these things around you. Your confidence will begin to return. Additionally, you will start gaining some clarity to the events around you. Your mind will start providing you with solutions for these dilemma’s that are immediately around you. Automatically, you will begin responding effectively, calmly and confidently. The Prayer of Being is at work for you.

This is just one simple Living Prayer that I know of. Folks pray this way all the time, they just don’t know it. Hopefully, we will start hearing about this type of prayer from the pulpit.