Action Prayers

Another, more common, Living Prayer is the Action Prayer. Usually, this one is the most impressive and sometimes visibly powerful. This Prayer combines, mind, will, emotion and spirit into one completely unified motion. Half the folks that pray this prayer aren’t even aware that they are doing it. Simply because they are too busy doing it to realize what’s going on until after all is done and said.

Action Prayers are the ones that produced the gorgeous architecture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The stunning paintings throughout the impressionistic era are a product of Action Prayers. Nearly anything man made that is beautiful, wonderful or marvelous can be attributed to the Action prayer.

This type of prayer is not limited to artistic ventures. Any extraordinary physical feat, one that goes beyond the normal human boundaries, is attributable to the Action Prayer. The woman who lifts a car to try and save her child from dying, the man who couldn’t swim suddenly dives into the river and saves his friend from drowning, or the unknown athlete who sets a world record out of nowhere; all of these are products of Action prayers.

Everyone made on the earth can harness the power and wonder of this type of prayer. It only happens when an individual is completely immersed in the task at hand, coupled with a great sense of urgency and importance. Any time a person really searches “out there” for the “extra” energy, point of view, or “the right answer” to the exclusion of all else, then these folks begin to tap into the God realm and the infinite array of possibilities and energies available there. They become so focused on what they are doing – they lose themselves in their work. This allows God\Holy Spirit part of us to kick in gear and assist with what we’re doing.

Some people Action Pray as they work. When they are completely immersed in the work that they love to do … they start using the Action Prayer mode AS they are performing their task. Usually, they are unaware of what is happening. What generally happens – is they create a finished product that is – staggeringly Beautiful. They brought something extraordinary into the world that they didn’t ever think of. (Nor even intend to create.) “It just kind of happened” they will most often say.

This type of praying can occur during any human activity that involves being in the moment, concentration\focus on a task, and a sense of great urgency\importance that demands some “extra” from somewhere or from something to complete that fiercely important task. Painting or sculpting, during dance or musical performance, science, math explorations, or physical sports, any pursuit can be Action prayed.

It is very common for Athlete’s to Action Pray as they compete. They’re so focused in the moment, so concentrated on what they are doing, so intensely “going for it”, that they often tap into their spirit energy as well. With all 3 elements combined into one motion - they Action Pray without even knowing they are. That is … until they see the new record they set. Or view on TV that unbelievable play on the field they executed.

The Human Spirit is the most common expression used to describe our ability to execute Action Prayers. When the chips are down, all seems lost, or the situation is impossible then suddenly - Ka-Blam! Here we come with a last minute solution seemingly out of nowhere! Hollywood loves this story line… and so do we. Simply because, we know it’s true. We are Human. That directly means we are a creature in two parts. And the Celestial part of us knows how to draw upon other celestial energies. (Well, when need be)

Our Priests, Ministers and Preachers never tell us about this type of prayer. Our parents don’t tell us either. Nevertheless, everyone on the planet knows that we can do this. We all know for fact that it’s part of our nature. Though, it is deemed mysterious and unpredictable. Every person born is aware of Action Prayer ability. It’s just that no one ever sat down and tried to nail what an Action Prayer was or how to wield it.

I myself have performed action prayers at a church I was pianist for. I would be so involved in playing the piano so intensely. Trying to play each note so correctly, getting the timing just right, and striving to get the interpretation so perfectly, that I became somewhat lost in the Music. It wasn’t until I was finished and others would tell me … they had never heard such beautiful piano music.

I wasn’t trying to play beautifully. It just kind of happened. I was praying the piano at those points in time. Other artists do the same thing: Sculptors who create stunningly gorgeous statutes will all ways say they were just doing what “felt” right while they were sculpting.

I suppose right now I should give a quick mention about “denying yourself”. There are those who might call this denying yourself. “Of course, once you deny yourself – God will take over! You MUST deny yourself and do things God’s way!” First off, this is a misinterpretation of the process. No fully alive, red blooded person alive is ever willing to be a mindless “puppet” of anything! Throughout all of history, people have literally killed themselves before they would suffer “Puppet-hood”.

The thing here is; it’s not that you give up your control of the task at hand – it’s more like you become so involved or “wrapped up” with the task that you and your God\Spirit connection becomes briefly a part of that task. This is not denying yourself; this is actually fully applying all you are to whatever you’re doing. As they say “Put your Heart, mind and Soul into it!” When one considers all the stunningly gorgeous architecture produced over the millennia’s, all the great music’s, the achievements of science or technology; it’s clear that Action Prayers clearly work. They must have been around for quite a long while.

It’s just a shame that our ministers, priest and preachers haven’t pointed out this wonderful and powerful prayer the Celestial God gave us. It really gets exciting to imagine all the cool, amazing wondrous things we could bring into this world if Action Prayers became recognized and acknowledged. What a better world we’d have if only we used this method of “work” 5 days a week.