Christian Phenix Approach to Church and Prayers

It seems that God may have a broader definition of Church and Prayers than we do. [ Or at least what we have been told by our esteemed clergy.]

Read the article about CHURCH first.
This is the Prelude to the Living Prayers.

Then, go and apply this understanding to your daily life. Or better yet... get this point of view in your head and then read some of the New Testament.

The scriptures will suddenly have another meaning to them that you never saw before.
A GOOD meaning.

1. What is Church?

It seems very clear what GOD considers Church. [Hint. it doesn't involve any buildings or Institutions.] Read on to discover what has been misunderstood for so many millennia.

3. Saul to Paul vs the Prodigal Son?

Being "SAVED" or 'BORN AGAIN" is the only way to heaven!

Being Baptized as a baby will get you to Heaven!

Click and Read why BOTH are correct and why they are correct.

2. Living Prayers

After Reading about Church - here are some of the Prayers that we pray in GOD's Church.

a.) Action Prayers

The most powerful and intimate of Living Prayers. Praying this gets GOD directly involved with you and you with HIM.

b.) Prayers of Being

Soothing, Refreshing and Spirit Building. Discover this natural "soul fool".