The God-less GOD Plateau

Yet, no matter how many or omnipotent our homemade Gods were, they unfailingly fell way short of the mark. Consistently, throughout all history, manmade Gods only got each society to the same level of development. Uniformly, the exact same development level gets achieved and then comes with the eventual fall of that civilization. Manmade Gods satisfy our inherent sense of something larger than ourselves is present, but sadly, they don’t fulfill. Hence, only partial development as a society can be achieved.

Now, the reason I’m so focused on a society’s development as the measure of a Religions (and its assorted Gods) effectiveness is as follows. We as creatures on this earth are innately curious. We seek to go out and learn more. Even from the time we’re born, human children are always exploring, looking, reaching out to discover their environment. This “need to know” grows with us straight to adulthood.

Any religion, headed by some God or Gods, would assist us in developing this built in characteristic of people. A truly benevolent Celestial Deity would automatically direct its human minions in the direction of “best case scenario” for their health and happiness. I mean really, who wants a bunch of whinny complaining minions! Nothing spoils a Holy Deities day more than a bunch or spoiled subjects.

So, following that logic path, if a God (or Gods) truly exists – then that society would expand and develop. However, if the religion has Godless Gods – then that society would stagnate and eventually wither.

For Example: The God of Christianity professes to have created everything and anything in the physical reality we dwell in. If that be true, then He would know and understand the need for people to grow and develop. After all, He’s the one that made us that way. And conversely, the society that embraces the philosophies of Christianity should flourish. (Which, by the way it has done so.) The reason that they flourish is due to the “extra” information and insights that a REAL external superior intelligence would be providing them.

It didn’t occur to the Egyptians or Mayans that there might be tiny, unseen organisms that could be causing illness. However, it did occur to Antonie van Leeuwenhoek and later proven by Louie Pasture – both of them Christian. Why should he even think that unseen tiny bacteria could even be possible? Well, maybe the Divine Creator of bacteria whispered the notion into his consciousness. (Ask and you shall receive) Why would Galileo even consider the bizarre idea that the world might be round? Well, the fact that The Great Creator of All things - whispered this fact into good ole Christian Galileo’s head might have had something to do with it.

Do you see the point I’m trying to make here? A society that worships Gods that don’t exist are simply looking up at the sky and paying homage to thin air. They won’t receive any extra information, assistance, or guidance beyond what they already know. They are at the mercy of their own natural built in ingenuity and observation. They only have their own knowledge to draw upon. There’s nothing new coming their way.

However, a religion that actually has a true external Celestial intelligence at the end of the worshiping rainbow will be able to achieve discoveries beyond their current existing knowledge. Even if the supposed Gods were visitors from another planet, the society would still grow beyond themselves, so long as the advanced visitors remained amongst the people. But once the alien visitors head back to Alpha Centauri, the advanced “how to” goes with them. And the society stops growing once again.

It seems that once certain levels of internal insights and understandings of human existence are realized. And then they are made common to all. This provides the needed inspiration to create the technology. That, in turn, provides more knowledge to allow for more personal introspection and discovery. (ad infinitum) However, once a society has “peaked” in the personal growth department, then the innovation and creativity in the technology department stays at that established norm. In short, a society has to grow in order to grow. And one of the main purposes of Gods is to insure the growth and proliferation of worshipers.

True enough, each of these uniquely different societies has its own claim to fame in the discovery department. The Mayan civilization and its Gods had a calendar that was accurate for 5 thousand years. All of it based upon the stars and their mathematics. The Greeks had a very impressive blend of Gods, empirical science, and math that they called philosophy. One Greek charted all the planets in the solar system accurately with no telescope. Another correctly identified all the elements in the periodic table without a microscope. Then there are the Egyptians. The built the pyramids with such precision we still aren’t sure how they did that. Also, they devised the mummification technique that keeps human remains in tack to this day.

Each of these societies, among many others, had made great and impressive strides in their own way. However, each respective civilization collectively and uniformly hit the same developmental plateau. The same glass ceiling none of them could break through. No matter how powerful their carved Gods were believed to be, universally the entire society stayed stunted at 3 feet tall. Even if we look to the eastern and oriental philosophies, the same thing occurs. There are significant advances in isolated disciplines, yet, the entire picture never rises beyond that same semi primitive level.

Transportation never rose above animal power. (Horse, camels, lama, oxen) Manufacturing was always limited to what one individual could produce. (Nine chair makers only made one chair each) They had no external energy source other than the local water fall or the occasional strong breeze. (Obviously compliments of last week’s sacrifice to stone face) Their medicine was always limited to only what a few people knew about the local plants and herbs. Their government systems were near identical: one person as the supreme leader, a few select levels of privileged assistants and everyone else was a low level commoner.

Finally, and unfailingly, they all worshiped some type of man-made God(s) that everyone in that society believed in.All those different societies, all those different Gods, all those thousands of years, and yet, they all hit exact same development level in exactly the same way. Then, ultimately – they achieved the same extinction."

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