Contemporary Evidence

Just right here, I’d like to point out that even Christianity’s direct predecessor Judaism, had only been able to elevate its people to the same pre-established norm as these other societies. Even though the God of Judaism and the God of Christianity are the same God of the entire Universe. Unfortunately, The Jews made the exact same error as the other religions before them. They grounded and strapped worship and practice of their religion, to what could be done or expressed here on this earth. They down here on earth did certain things, so that He (God) up there would be pleased. There wasn’t any direct immediate internal Individual connection with this God. It was the same mindset as the other religions of old. God is up there, and we the lowly are down here.

True, their God was a viable, for fact, Celestial Intelligence. However, prayer (accompanied by the obligatory sacrifice) was the only meaningful communication with this God… the only worship of this God. A Jewish person didn’t communicate with this deity directly. (other than the occasional prayer of damnation when angry.) Real important personal matters were relegated to the Holy “Middle Men” of their church who would pray directly to God on your behalf. To get the blessing of this God, one needed to: follow 600 plus daily rules of conduct, make a live animal sacrifice yearly to achieve personal purity, and then maybe a person could consider themselves worthy of the Divine’s Middle Men’s attention. Who in turn, would relay your requests for divine intervention to the Divine One.

Judaism did not stress the fact that a person is composed of two separate (yet intertwined) items: 1) a non-physical entity and 2) a physical vehicle to get around life with. Jewish followers busied themselves with the following of stick earthly rules of conduct to get into this afterlife place called Heaven. Body and mental mind were considered to be the same piece of bio-ware. Also, their worship and understanding of God did not include the Holy Entity living inside their immediate person or that any form of their Heavenly God flowed from inside a person out.

Although the Jews knew that their God was indeed a celestial being of real and great power, they just didn’t get the “self/identity is a separate entity that goes on after death” part. That’s the critical thing that separates Christianity from all those other prior Gods and religions. Sadly and ironically, the Jews had the right God – but they fell into the same stagnant worship\ belief systems as the failed civilizations before them: “Our benevolent God is majestically up there and we are separate scumbag things down here.”

This effectively prohibited them from accessing the vast knowledge base of the Supreme Living librarian. Thus, their civilization didn’t grow any faster or farther than any other one before them. They had the right God – but they used the wrong worship methods to activate and access the power and information He provided.

There is one other current living example of this same God-less God phenomenon. There exists today a very large society, believing in a non-physical God. Interestingly, they have been around since just after the time of Christianity’s birth. This society has also suffered from the same “more earthly and less celestial” no growth phenomenon the Jews suffered. (Which is also the same phenomenon demonstrated by the Greeks, Egyptians, etc.) I am referring to - Islam.

As of the time of this writing, the second most prominent religion on the earth is Islam. In fact Christians and Muslims are in close competition for who is the global majority. Unfortunately for the Islamic nation, they could too easily be considered a Christianity “knock off” brand of religion. I say this just because; Mohamed began his religion just after Christianity started. Both began in the same region. Both claim to have a non-physical deity as supreme leader of the universe. Both enforce rules of better conduct amongst its members.

Muslim countries though, have only managed to hit the exact same level of non-advancement that every other society before them in human history hit. This includes the Jewish practice of religion. Additionally, Islam was founded and has been around in the same amount of historical time as Christianity. So how is it, that nations and countries that developed under the Christian viewpoint have out developed 4 to 1 over the Muslim countries?

Please understand, this has nothing to do with natural resources, placement of countries on the globe or genetic intelligence of any particular race. (Jesus was just as much Arabic as Mohammad was) Even though Islam has had more time on the earth, in the same region, as the Ancient Egyptians had, the folks in Ancient Egypt had achieved more advanced natural technology than Islam has provided its followers.

How come this is? Islam has existed in the same time slot as Christianity – yet Islamic countries still remain in the same state they were in at the time of the post-Roman Empire collapse. Christian countries, however, have literally changed the face of the earth in the same time span. Sadly, every Muslim country that has any type of modern technology – had to buy it or trade to get it from a Christian country that created it. (Allah apparently likes to keep his followers nice and stupid.) Islam only gets camels, oxen, cumin, fish, and bed sheets for cloths. Anything modern that they have, they did not envision, make, or create from within themselves. Just like every other society before them.

In all honesty, if Christian nations didn’t need to buy oil from the Muslim nations – truly – the Muslim nations wouldn’t have any money to speak of. Islam just doesn’t inspire creation of new things. It demands the strict adherence of the status quo – just like Judaism did. There are a whole lot of rules, guides, prayers and policies and not enough of enjoying life with a dynamic loving Holy God. Consequently, both Religions (Islam and Judaism) have suffered and are currently suffering the same non-developmental historical fate as all the others before them. Dearly as both Muslims and Jews don’t want to admit to this fact, they cannot escape its truthfulness. A truth their individual histories embarrassingly demonstrate.

It’s been proven millennia over millennia, civilization after civilization. When you deny the inherent, built-in, existential nature of human existence – you get stagnation. All any vast sophisticated society gets is what can be gleaned through the immediate physical senses. (And possibly some extra’s from limited intellectual thought – but that’s all.) By denying our non-physical reality and its connection to the Celestial reality, both Islam and Judaism have only become a variation on a theme – not a solution for fully living life. Historically, Christianity has clearly demonstrated a way and means to explore utilize and experience the true nature of what it is to be human – and that is - that we’re part entity from the God realm, operating in this world via a biological vessel. That’s why historically people have always sought to worship Gods. It’s not because it’s IN our nature – it’s because it IS THE FACT OF our nature. This need to believe in a more powerful deity comes from the truth of our existence. I can grab things because I have a hand. I know I’m part celestial being because - I am.

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