The folks and Kingdoms of the Dark Ages were just like these other great civilizations that had come before them. All the developmental elements and characteristics were just the same as their predecessors. Even though there were some technology remnants left over from the Roman Empire (roads), still, there wasn’t any great wisdoms or super advanced technologies afforded to the post-empire regimes.

So what was that critical difference? How is it that the folks of the Dark Ages became the beginning point for today’s current global phenomenon? What did the people of the Dark Ages have, that absolutely every human civilization since the dawn of recorded time didn’t have?

The only thing that was truly different after the fall of the Roman Empire was – Christianity. True enough, each preceding society had its various Gods. All of which were worshiped and revered. Sure the other civilizations had their high Priests and Priestesses. Sure they had as much power as the Christian church did. However, they did not have a real, live, existing Celestial Deity at the top of their religious food chain. None of those other Gods performed the feats of awe and miracle that the Christian Bible proclaims. (Especially, that… “Man that comes back from the dead trick!”)

Additionally, Christianity not only guaranteed a place in the afterlife, but also offered divine forgiveness, help and assistance to each individual here in the earthly plane of existence. Not only that, this divine assistance was available because each person was considered a small miniature divine being: who was housed inside a physical body. Christianity suggested for the first time ever, that our personhood and our body were two separate things.

This appears to be a true turning point in human development: The introduction of Christianity. True the Roman Empire fell and left the western world in the Dark Ages. True, the folks in the medieval times had the exact same technology available to absolutely every civilization on the planet that had gone before them. The same carts, swords, bows and arrows, crop growing strategies, and social hierarchy. (Kings, Queens, merchants, peasants, slaves etc.) However, there was only one difference.

The people of the Dark Ages had a religion, which had a real God who answered and satisfied that Stone Age old nagging feeling buried deep in our being. Christianity had a God that point blank said: “YES! You ARE something more than a body in this physical 3D reality.” “You ARE a special spirit like Being that lives now and will live after your body has stopped working.”

For the first time ever, a point of view which suggested, that each person was both a physical creature AND a separate entity coexisting together. This person, Jesus, proved that your body dies, but YOU the personality live on. This was the main difference between Christianity’s Jesus (God as Man) and all the Stone Carved Gods worshiped before Him. (Well, aside from the fact that THIS God IS REAL and truly exists!)

Never before had this approach ever been considered, this new approach was almost the near opposite of everyway conceived of before. Instead of the God living “up there”, we living “down here” and gods favors flowed from up top there to us down here. (Provided the required sacrifices had been made.) The new way suggests this God life force was available from within ourselves flowing out into the world around us – no sacrifices necessary nor required.

Christianity insists that: inside each person is a connection to this God who lives in another celestial reality. This Jesus Christ is an extension of this omnipotent force who demonstrated undeniably our spirit self continues to exist after the body’s death. And that any problems could be solved or any knowledge could be attained by simply praying. Thus allowing this entity called the “Holy Spirit” to give you guidance from this same vastly Superior Supreme Intelligence.

This Christianity thing is all that that separates the folks in the Dark Ages from every type of civilization before them. And because each person Prayed, “had faith”, “Believed”, and pulled their inspirations and insights from a bonafied living God into this 3D Realm. The Medieval civilization did not meet the same proven inevitable fate of its predecessors. Instead, the Dark Ages moved on into the Middle Ages, which grew into the Renaissance, which in turn paved the way for the Baroque, classical era etc. all of these different “mini-era’s” were saturated with the philosophy of the Bible, we are beings not of this world, and that God is worshiped from within each person out to the rest of this physical world

Now I know the question some may be ready to scream out – “If these back woods Dark Ages hillbillies believed in Christianity – Why did it take so very long for civilization to get where it is today!?” The answer is very simple and strikingly historically paraphrases the Nazareth incident with Jesus. “He could work no miracles there, because they had no faith.

The reason that the midlevel society didn’t instantly develop any faster than it did was due to the lack of available information\education about Christianity. It seems that the rate of societal development is directly proportional to the percentage of population that is Christian. Meaning, the only folks who knew, studied and practiced Christianity regularly, was limited to the royal elite and those who worked in or for the Church.

The average peasant didn’t have regular steady teaching in the ways of the Christian. Simply because – they couldn’t READ! Only royalty and clergy could read. So, they were the only ones who could regularly review, learn and practice Christian principals.

However, as Church grew in popularity and power, the more churches were built and clergy ordained. This allowed more average people learning about the dual nature of them self and how to practice letting the God\Spirit flow through their consciousness’s into daily life. And of course, the more average people began to practice their belief – the more the society grew. It just takes a while when your building Churches out of hand cut stone and stained glass. It takes a while when one monk is hand copying on a scroll one Bible at a time.

History has clearly shown that: the more the available practicing Christians, the faster and greater our current civilization has become. The more people asking a true viable Celestial Intelligence for help – the more advanced, out worldly help became available. Peasants (and later) folks of all trades, walks of life or disciplines of study kept asking “Dear Lord, how can I fix this problem?” and because there IS someone at the other end of the Christian Prayer line, these people kept receiving correct inspirations, “Ah Ha” moments, or (the more than occasional) “accidental discovery”.

This is clearly and sharply contrasted by all the “other” civilizations that had Gods that never got beyond their current level of Earthen materials development. Greece, Rome, Persia, Egypt etc. never got any extra netherworld information. Because; there was no one home to answer their prayer phone. There was nothing there to answer any request they made. Christianity however, demonstrates effectively that we are creatures in two parts and that an Omnipotent Living Loving Being truly exists apart from us and in us.

So… why Gods? It seems that this nagging deep rooted need to believe in a Higher Celestial deity is spawned more from the true facts about the nature of our human existence, than from just idol worship. (Yes, joke intended!) Humans have always tried to express their inner knowledge of their own beings… just not quite getting it right. Apparently, these words, lessons, and facts presented in this Bible about the nature of Human Beings must unerringly be true.

Multiple millennia of failed society after society, have clearly demonstrated to everyone what doesn’t work. Each vastly powerful civilization only grew to the exact same level – then perished for the same reason – they didn’t have any way to grow any further. Christianity, however, has proved to not only work… but to be fruitful above and beyond the worship and prayers of its followers. It has provided a proof and truth of existence for a real and vibrant God that will forever allow for growth and development of His people.

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