Human History Proves GOD

From the Dawn of time to now... there is GOD. In one form or another, having different shapes & varying number of limbs. Still, we the people auto pilot presume there is a vast intelligence "out there" to be worshiped.

This one article [broken into four parts] explores this phenomenon in detail. It also shows how there IS one GOD and that Christianity has dibs on the "real McCoy".

Read on... Start with the first part, then read the rest in session. It becomes quite clear that there is a GOD and all ways has been.

This is interesting stuff!

1. Why Gods?

All Civilizations throughout history have worshiped gods. How come that is? Read more...

2. The Godless God Plateau

No matter how advanced each civilization was for their time... they all uniformly hit the same level of development. EXCEPT for ONE!... read to find out more

3. The Christian Difference

Here's where things historically get interesting. Christianity is the only thing different folks in the Dark and Middle Ages had that no other beginning civilization had. This is one GOOD read...

4. Contemporary Evidence

Even here in the 21st Century, the only religion moving its people [and the countries they live in] forward is Christianity. Read on to discover the truth in this