What is Christian Phenix?

Simply put... Christian Phenix is my attempt at getting Christianity off the plateau that is seems to have been sitting on for the past 50 yrs. or so.

Having been born in 1960, raised in Catholic / Baptist environment, and lived in both wealthy and poverty situations. I've had the chance to watch, study and learn about people, society and Christianity. Then, comparing that to other religions of the current day, and throughout history globally. My insterest in Science, Phychology, Prayer and Phylosophy have all been brought to bear on this project.

I do believe that this viewpoint I'm presenting was sent to me from our good and great provider. I kept asking " isn't there MORE than just Church, Bible Study and Prayer?"; "Is there a NEXT LEVEL somewhere for us to grow into?" I kept asking... and so I began to recieve. At least that's my perception of things.

As I look out over the events that occur in our present day (2016) is seems clear and indisputable that Current Christianity isn't cutting the mustard. Let's face it ... IF Christianity WAS working ... we simply wouldn't have the murderous, violent news stories that we view everyday. Good Christians just don't DO those types of things. Seems as though folks just don't have a direction or purpose to focus on.

So, we're missing something in the scripture. We're not getting the message as was intended. OR we HAVE grown and out grown the simplistic examples and language we experience in Church today. (Really, can you name one functional Kingdom these days? The word Kingdom went extinct about a generation ago didn't it!)

This is what Christian Phenix is about. Getting Christians and Christianity to rise and grow from the ashes of our current stale, stalled religion. To get "Christian" more in line with what GOD wanted it to be ...not what it has become.