The Oak Tree

Imagine that you live on a house on a suburban street. You have a house with a front yard and a large back yard. In the back yard there stands a large Oak tree. A nice big old kind of Oak tree, with big roots, thick branches and lots of shade leaves. Since you have children, the oak tree is the center of attention in the back yard.

This tree is decorated with a tire swing, a sandbox, a tree house and of course a picnic table. Naturally, all the neighborhood kids like to come over and play together around the tree. The yard is big enough and there’s plenty to play with in and around the tree.

One afternoon, after school, while fixing supper, you begin to notice a loud sound coming from the back yard. The sound of a lot of voices and they sound angry. As you go do the screen door to the back yard, you notice all the children are arguing! Each child is yelling at the other children about something.

As you listen, you discover that they are arguing about the Oak tree, (of all things). Some of the kids are saying “the tree is BIG! Your wrong… the tree is BIG.” Yet another child is shouting, “You’re an idiot … the tree is LARGE.” Then another little girl is yelling, “NO! It’s HUGE I tell you!”

As you listen to their arguing you begin to realize that - they are all correct. Truthfully, the tree IS big, it IS large and it IS huge. Being an adult you instantly realize the REAL problem is that the children aren’t old enough to understand that they are all correct. Each child so adamantly arguing that their individual point is correct. (And each one’s point IS correct) They aren’t realizing that they ALL are equally correct. Each child’s point of view is just a valid as all the others. They are just using different words to describe the same feature about the same Oak tree – its size.

Then you become ticked and a little sad, because, the whole time they are spending arguing about the tree – none of them are enjoying the tree. No one is swinging on the tire swing. The sandbox is waiting for some castles to be built in it. No one is playing Fort in the tree house. They’re all spending so much energy trying to prove they are each correct – and none of them are enjoying any of the benefits of the very thing they are arguing about.

However, because you’re older you know that one day; they will be old enough to realize that they are ALL correct. In just a few short years, each one of them will have learned that the Oak Tree can be and is ALL of those words: big, large and huge. One day they will have grown to the point that each one realizes it’s just a point of view. And none of the other Children’s point of view is wrong – it’s just another way to say the same thing.

You also know that as time goes by, they will not even remember that they had this argument. It just won’t be important. What will become important is that they will have learned to play together. Then, everyone will be enjoying the Oak Tree and all it has to offer.

If you haven’t figured it out… the Oak tree is God. The Children are the different Religions of the earth. )