God's Big Bang and Evolution

Of course there was the “Big Bang” that began the Universe and all life as we know it. And it was the vast supreme One Being that made it happen. The Great Holy Intelligence formed the required matter, energies, elements, atoms etc. together and exploded them to create what we know as our reality, universe, time, space, matter, and everything that is – was created from the initial explosion required to cause it all to become viable and real. This explosion was deliberately caused by the Supreme Being that we call God.

The exact recipe of atoms, energies, quantum particles and the like were all arranged as a package and then detonated to make all reality possible in a time oriented universe. This was no accident. This was not a fluke. This was divine creation the way it was intended to be.

And what about this “evolution theory” you may ask. Again, this is by design of the Great Loving Creator. If you are going to have a reality (world) that is subject to time, space, gravity, atoms and mass – Then you will have to let it develop according to the laws of those very items. It’s similar to letting up a very large fish tank to hold a variety of exotic fish. You don’t just pour in the water, throw in the rocks & decorations, turn on the filter and then toss in the fish in a half an hour’s time. The fish will surely die. Because the environment is all wrong and won’t support aquatic life. Even though you have all the correct ingredients – you haven’t allowed those ingredients to settle, develop and interact with each other the way they need to in order to support the life forms intended for that environment.

When creating a large fish tank environment for exotic fish, first, you pour in the water and let it sit for a day or so. This allows the entire tank to get to the same temperature. Then you install and turn on the Filter. This is to settle and normalize the oxygen level in the tank water. You have to let this run for a couple days. Next, you introduce your Bacteria-Plankton eating fishes. This regulates the amount of micro-critters that grown in water environments. This process alone takes a week to 2 weeks. After all that you can begin to introduce your favorite fish – not all at once – but over the course of the next 3 weeks (depending upon how many fish you want.) if all goes well by the end of 3 months you might have a smooth running fish tank filled with exotic fish.

This combination of letting small elements of the bigger picture interact and settle, interact and settle, is exactly what planetary evolution is about. Of course God knew this. He understood the process right from the “git-go”. Evolution is the required set of “steps” needed to bring about the reasonable stable current global environment that we live in. Such is the will of God.

So of course, it took several million years for the oceans and volcanoes to shape the early start of this planet. Of Course there were small aquatic bacteria in the oceans that started the planetary life process. Of course there were creatures that moved from the water onto the land – this was necessary.

Now think, if you want a planetary wide system of replenishing oxygen and carbon di-oxide using biological entities – at first you’re going to need a lot of these entities and they need to be pretty darn big! You would need these beasts at first – just to get the atmospheric ball rolling and on its way to stabilization. Also these animals would need to be something disposable. Some type of living animal the rest of the planet could live without – after the atmosphere had stabilized. You are going to need a creature like the dinosaurs. These great big critters with great big lungs constantly churning out large amounts of carbon-dioxide would be perfect for half the terraforming equation. The other half is simply a matter of generating great big huge plants to kick out the required oxygen for these mammoth creatures to live.

Remember, we’re talking about an entire planet. It’s not surprising that the dinosaurs lived for a few million years. During which time the oceans, weather patterns, climates, various seasons etc. all formed and settled themselves. Finally, when the third rock from the sun here was calm enough and the atmosphere was in good enough shape to sustain contemporary life. You would need to obliterate all those temporary big dinosaur life forms to make way for the real life forms that you wanted in the first place. Oh yea… a handy meteor would do just nicely wouldn’t it? All God had to do was toss a medium sized rock into the oceans and voila’ instant atmospheric “freeze frame” and no more dinosaurs. And as a bonus, there is going to be a planetary layer of thick oil created form the remains of those temporary terraformers.

Yes, the Holy Intelligence knew this process was required. He created the universe with its elements, matter, atoms, light, magnetism, gravity and laws of physics. He created these things to behave the way they do. So, to have the types of life that we know today – the evolution process had to occur in the manner that it did. This does not contradict the teachings of the Classic Bible’s Genesis – it actually fills in a few gaping holes that Genesis has left to question for way too long.

For some reason, there are those that would suggest that Man & Woman evolved from apes or monkeys. This is absurd. Human Beings no more evolved from monkeys than Lion & Tigers evolved from Siamese cats. The DNA of similar types of biological life produces similar looking life. Tigers and Siamese cats possess similar DNA. Yet their DNA differences are what defines them as either Tiger or domestic cat. So it is with us. Human beings and monkeys\apes contain similar DNA – this is why they look similar. However, it’s the 10% difference in our and their DNA that separates Humans from the other simian creatures.

People were made uniquely and wholly to be the beings that they are. So it is God’s will that we should look as we do. It just so happens that the simian DNA profile provided a reasonable body suite for us – it just needed some holy modifications. OR – all the simians were just “practice monkeys” for the finished product that became – US. Either way you want to look at it – Humans are just that – Humans. We are made unique unto ourselves. Such is the will of the Holy God.

All of Evolution; is the process of “shaping up” the planet so that we the people could live on it. Along with the other animals, insects, fishes etc. that make up our current planetary living space. This is no mystery. It’s more like – “of course, how else would you do it in a reality of atoms, time, gravity etc.”

Evolution Theory is simply the steps that God (or any other being) would have to follow to create a planet in time that can support the types of life that we have. These steps had to occur in and through time, in accordance with the Laws of Physics that were created when the universe was created. Sure God could and does intervene in our world. However, he does so using knowledge and techniques of this universe that are unknown to us.

Let’s face it, when we make a big bang – things get destroyed. When God makes a big Bang – universes, worlds and life is created.