The Daisy Phenomenon

Ah… who’s right, science or religion… or religion or science; here we come to the age old arguments and debates. Which one holds the keys to the ultimate truths of our humanity, life and the meaning of existence? There are those who would adamantly argue that I’m trying to discount the teachings and philosophy of the Bible with what can be proven by science. Then there are those who would be claiming that I’m using religion to string together some of the loose ends that science leaves us with. Actually, the way I view things, the Bible and Science both are supporting each other’s point of view rather nicely and in the process both of them are missing the real truth!

On the one hand,the Bible did come first. Requiring that you believe everything narrated in the Holy Bible by just trusting what is written is true; in a word – Faith. Simply by trusting blindly that the events, philosophies and scattered miracles were indisputably the truth. Century after century, hundreds of thousands of believers can attest to the existence of God, the continuing miracles He works and the wretched lives that His divine powers have healed on the earth.

On the other hand, Science requires that anything presented as truth be provable. Empirical data is the coin of their realm. Provable not only by one group of scientists, but by other separate groups of scientists also. Whether you prove it using mathematics, laboratory testing or just plain old logic, doesn’t matter. Once something is “Proven” to be true, then (and only then) is it considered real and bona-fied. Achieving consistent regular results is the scientific path to Nirvana.

Finally, there is the third hand.
The 21st Century Christian's Grand Gestalt
view of things, which realizes with absolute clarity, both science and religion are each respectively--true. Each of the two disciplines, while splitting hairs over the miniscule, are simultaneously validating the macro picture of the Human Condition. True enough religion presented ideas and ways of human living first. (However, we all know that being first doesn’t always mean best.) True enough, behavioral science, interpersonal communication studies and Human Relations studies have established accurate techniques and patterns of behavior proven to be reliable and consistent for all people. However, the fact that a great many of these religious wisdoms and science studies mirror each other, seems to be the important thing getting lost in the ensuing debates. The bottom line here is; if science and religion simultaneously present us with the same practices, techniques or opinions – then what ever it is they are agreeing on must ultimately be true and valid.

This is an example of the “Daisy Phenomenon.” Now we all know that there is a small flower plant that has many little white petals surrounding a yellow center. We refer to this plant as a “daisy”. No one disputes this. Now let’s suppose that the Religious Bible folks are adamantly proclaiming that it’s the white petals that make the daisy a daisy. Then, let’s suppose that the scientific community is jumping up and down screaming that it’s the yellow center that makes this plant a daisy. Both sides are correct.

However, the greater (and more useful) truth of the matter is: IT”S A DAISY! The white petals AND the yellow center separately and combined cause this plant to be bestowed with the title “Daisy”. And that’s my point, the little plant IS a Daisy irregardless of which side you take. Yes, the Daisy has little white petals. Yes the daisy has a yellow center. Each side is correct and is indirectly supporting the truthfulness of the other because they both refer to the same plant, using the same name - a Daisy. At the end of the day – both of them are correct. Both are agreeing on the fact, even though they are doing it from two different points of view, that this little flower is a Daisy! And in the process of petty bickering they are both missing the big picture – it’s a simple and pretty flower called a Daisy.

So, I will present and\or use the various disciplines of science and history to demonstrate that the Biblical view of life, us and the universe is true. Also, I will use Biblical references to “tie together” some of the holes in scientific explanation of things. There is no harm in this. To me, I’m only concerned with the Daisy itself. I see the white petals and the yellow center, appreciating each individual item and the whole combined flower. Is the Bible or Science correct? To me… it’s just a matter of time and future discoveries until each side completely proves themselves - and unintentionally proves the other side - correct. At that happy point in time there will be nothing more to argue about. The truth of our being and existence will be the only thing available for us to live by.

(And that’s the very thing I’m attempting to get at here.)