Getting Started

Yes! There is another way to view God, the world around us and Ourselves.

These 4 articles provide a general beginning point for what I call the Christian Phenix approach. The scriptures are just as valid as they every were... However, I'm not starting in Biblical times... I'm starting with today in the 21st Century.

Christianity hasn't grown much in the past 50 years or more... It's time to grow again... to be able to be the type of holy people needed to navigate our society through this technology first, person second, GOD last type of world we find ourselves in.

Read and contemplate.

0. What IS Christian Phenix?

This briefly explains WHAT Christian Phenix is.

1. The Daisy Phenomenon

Here we find that Science and Bible are not two opposing forces. They actually are describing the same thing... just from two different points of view.

2. The Oak Tree

WHY are there so many Religions if there is only ONE GOD? This short little story about a back yard Oak Tree pretty well explains that one!

3. GOD's Big Bang and Evolution!

Sure there was a Big Bang... and GOD made it! Evolution has been apart of GOD's plan all along. Read how this is possible.

4. Current State of Christianity

It's not possible to move forward if you don't know where you are now. This article sums up the plateau that Christianity has been on for over 50 years. This is what Christian Phenix is trying to get Christianity OFF of.