What Do We Know About GOD?

Since we were created in God’s image, and this image is not the physical one but the identity\self we are behind our eyes. We can safely presume that we have a number of the characteristics belonging to the Almighty. “Children of God” is the phrase commonly used to describe us. Just as human children are miniature versions of the adult humans, so we too must be early, growing undeveloped versions of the finished Holy Creator. Just as children possess the general tendencies, attributes and characteristics of adults, so it only follows that there are inherent “Littlie God” traits and abilities in us as well.

But, how do we know which parts of us are destined for the Promised Land? How can we discern what parts of our psyche we need to sharpen up for our inevitable transition to the God reality? I suppose we would need to take a good look at the finished product. If you want to see what the child will grow to become, then you obviously have to look at the grown adult that already is. In the case of our developing immortal selves, we need to examine, explore and study the only example we have available – God.

So let’s take a look at what we know and can discover about this Great Loving Intelligence. And let’s compare that to what we know about ourselves. Let us begin to categorize some of what is already living there in that “other” reality. So we can better understand and identify the parts of us that are going to the Heavenly Realm. Let’s further define some of the vast and varied characteristics of Our Father.

1. Non-Physical

First, it goes without saying, we know that God is a non-physical entity. He is a Celestial Being. He lives in a place separated from our reality. He created our reality from a place, at a distance from our realm. He created our milieu out of atoms. This implies that atoms are a building material to Him. (Just like trees or bricks to us.) And that HE himself is made of some other foreign material or energy that we can’t grasp at this time.

This is good news for us. As God is made up of some type of energy\substance separate from atoms and Time, so, we too must be composed of this same or similar type of element. Thus, we are obviously separate from our atomic\chemical bodies. And our identity\personhood remains the substance of what God is made of. As our children are different from us but still made of the same bio-materials. So, we the spiritual\person are made of the same “stuff” that stuffs God.

Let’s be certain to NOT get distant with this. The “stuff” that God and the Angels are made of … is the same “stuff” that we (identity + mind + beliefs + emotions + intelligence = US) are made of. Only on a smaller more junior scale. This is not arrogance. The Bible constantly reaffirms this fact.

Considering that our personallity\Identity IS made up of the same energy, plasma, light, mystical substance that God is made up of. And our bodies are made up of bone, mussel, skin, chemicals and atoms that the rest of this earth, planets, and universe are made up of. Our Physical body and our Celestial identity; two very separate realities symbiotically working together. Both frighteningly symbolic of God and our reality. Yet, this seems so hard for some folks to grasp. This just doesn’t seem very obvious to us.

I think the thing here, is that the “I” part of each of us is so tightly connected to the body parts of ourselves, that it becomes fiercely difficult to believe that there is any difference between the two. To each of us we think, “Surely I must live inside my head… because that’s where I am.” And granted that’s where we truly “seem” to live. Yet, where we psychically live and what we biologically are composed of; are two separate things.

A better analogy would be to consider yourself similar to a ghost. A ghost that floats around, has a personality, but doesn’t belong to this physical world. Then, you the ghost find a body lying on the ground somewhere. (Sure – you can find them everywhere) You the ghost start inhabiting this body and use it to “live” in this world. See, your ghostly self is separate from the body that you found on the ground. Your ghostly self is made up of the same substance that God is – only on a much smaller scale.

Just as God is a non-physical entity, so we too, are non-physical entities using a body to get around 3D reality. This body will stop working, and we will get out of it and continue on back to the realm where God lives. This ethereal self\spirit that we are - becomes the suit case we take to the nether realm of God.

2. Has Emotions

We know that God possess Emotions. All throughout the Old Testament – God had some real anger issues. He was constantly getting angry at his “children” for not following his way. Right from the git-go with Adam and Eve, God displayed the ability to be harsh and angry. In fact, midway through the Old Testament, God became so enraged and disgusted with human life, that he chose to obliterate all life on the planet – save a few animals and one family of humans in a boat.

This Holy temper tantrum also exposes some other emotions Gods capable of. We were shown that God can be remorseful and can be repentant – hence the rainbow – and His promise to Noah that he will never “lose it” like that again.

God demonstrates a full gamut of emotional expression. Ever loving, always forgiving are two of the more common emotions spoken of. God is also helpful, kind, and understanding. He is stern, harsh with his enemies, etc. Every one of these is an emotion or emotional expression. One could also include all the maternal feelings as well: which is expressed by His wanting to protect us from Sin, or His delight in our accomplishments.

And let’s not be mistaken, God exhibited these emotions long before He ever took human form here in this reality as the Jesus Christ. Emotions were a part of the His Celestial make up from the beginning. Not something he learned about while visiting us here in this reality. This unmistakably demonstrates that our emotions are part of God’s emotions – only ours are less magnificent than His.

Looking at God’s craftsmanship with this world, God exhibits a great love of beauty, symmetry, and style. Just watch any sunrise or sunset you’ll see what I mean. God shows a grand pleasure in rhythm. Everything has a heartbeat. Everything moves and sways to different rhythms that always seem to connect with each other no matter how different they may be. Everything seems to be “in sync” with everything else.

We too are just as emotional as God. You “Men” don’t think you’re emotional? Then, what is that feeling you get when your girlfriend is experiencing her PMS prior to her monthly period. FEAR my friend…that’s sheer fear. [Giggle] Nearly everything we do has some type of emotion(s) attached to it. Most of our decisions we make have an emotional connection to or from something we’ve experienced.

So, God has emotions – it stands to reason that since we also have emotions – Emotions are part of the Soul\Identity\Energy package that is us, headed for the Promised Land. Halleluiah!! We are not going to be stoic patronizing robots in God’s realm. All our feelings will travel with us. Feelings are definitely part of our Spirit\Soul\personality that will go with us when we leave our bodies.

3. Has Intellect

God has an intellect. Just by looking at the world we can see a colossal and highly developed intelligence at work. The complexity of all the animals, nature, atoms etc. bespeak of God’s amazing view of the universe. It takes one vast immense slice of smarts to put our reality together. This puppy is flat out, in-your-face amazing!

Just being able to use Time, Cause and Effect, atoms, psychic\spirit connection from the Godly realm to the physical realm, chemistry and biology is a phenomenal feat. Not to mention getting all the timing down. For example, how long should some insects live verses how long various animals live. What’s the best pregnancy duration for each species? THEN, to set all that in motion – and then it all runs by itself! The logistics on that is simply – staggering!

Each division of our world: plant, animal, mineral and chemical, has its own unique set of complexities and intricacies. Each of these four areas has its own beginning simple process that scales up to form great complexities. And the darn thing is… for all the individual, unique properties of all 4 separate areas of this world… they all work together marvelously. It takes more than a college degree to pull all that off.

Needless to say – God is intelligent. But, we also have intelligence. True –we don’t have near the type, kind or high level of intelligence that God has. Our cheesy science cannot even begin to get close to God’s mental abilities. I suppose that’s why we are lovingly referred to as children of God. (Maybe that’s why Angels always have smiles on their faces in all the pictures – they know we’re stupid.) I suppose it’s cosmically “cute” to watch us down here try to be smart - But we’re working on it.

We can develop, become smarter and thus, we are able to learn from God’s handy work. Currently, here in 2015, we are playing around with carbon nanotubes and 3D printing. We are sequencing the DNA and discovering how simple and complex our bio-building blocks are. We have begun working with quantum devices – that are working. We have a several mile long particle accelerator that’s blowing our minds with what we are learning about the tiniest particles that form… well… – EVERYTHNG!

As we study and learn about our reality and its construction. We learn more about the mental ability of our great Celestial Creator. We (just like children) learn His style. We learn His methods and way of doing things. Our intelligence is being shaped by God’s own examples as we discover them. So, it’s a safe bet that any intelligence that we have or develop here in the physical realm – will be in our afterlife suite case as well.

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