Two Kinds of Life on this Planet

Continuing forward with His Holy Majesties trademark of simple to complex, this discussion surrounds the two (and only two) divisions of Living things on the earth. That’s right, for all the many myriad forms of life on this planet, there are only 2 distinct and separate forms of life here. Even when considering insect, bacteria, fish, bird, animal, and vegetable - there still remains only two clear distinct categories of life that exist on this third rock from the Sun.

First, we have life forms that use the “tube” method of nourishment. Food goes in one end, is processed in the middle, and then any waste is excreted out the opposite end. We usually don’t think much about this, just because it’s so common. Bacteria, amoebas, insects, fish, small animals all the way up to giraffes, use the same nourishment method. Even though they look vastly different from each other, they are all the same in the eat-the-food-to-stay-alive category.

Second, there is the “other” form of live here on earth. And that is the life that intakes nourishment at both ends, processes it in the middle, and then excretes waste out those same two ends. This is of course – Plant life. Yep! Plants intake oxygen from the leaves and expel carbon dioxide through the leaves. Simultaneously, they intake nutrients through the roots and expel waste through the roots. Everything gets processed in transient at the middle part of the plant.

Yep! That’s it right there in a nut shell. Every form of life on this great big ball falls into one of those two categories. As big huge and vast as this planet is, with all its immense diversity of life forms, there are only 2 unique types of life here. Even in the great oceans that cover the planet. Fish are the “tube” type and let’s not forget all the sea weed and other ocean plants that survive beneath the great waters. Sure enough, it’s still down to the same two types of life.

Also, and predictably, in true God fashion, each type of life form needs something from the other one to live, thrive and continue. Sure enough, nothing gets wasted. Plants need our carbon di-oxide to live. We (and all the other “tube” creatures) need the plants oxygen to live. But wait, it gets better. The waste “Tubers” excrete (along with the dead bodies) becomes the nutrients the plants need to eat. And we, in turn, eat the plants themselves. And so the simple circle of life continues.

Truly, a very simple process: two kinds of life that need and feed each other. Smattered all across the planet, the vastly complex can be boiled down to the very simple. Computer programmers are taught to K.I.S.S. their work. This is so they don’t write overly complex code; I believe that they leaned that from studying the way God does things. –> Keep It Simple Stupid!