Physical vs. Living

3D reality is simply amazing. There are so many different materials and forms of life on this planet that it simply defies description. Whether it is granite, marble, dirt, tree, skunk, ant or just thin air, God has made certain that everything here in Reality fits into a form of simplicity. Yes, for all its immense diversity, God has managed to reduce this entire splendorous Empire into just two easy categories. Once again, simplicity is the coin of the Realm. True to form, the true trademark of the Almighty - there are only two atomic structures on this planet.

1. Atoms that form materials

2. Atoms that form Living/biological structures.

Every 5th grade science student knows: Everything is made up of atoms. Absolutely every iota of every particle on this earth is comprised of these microscopic Lego blocks. When we get groups of atoms together they form molecules. Then finally, groups of molecules form compounds. This progression is true of all things on the earth. All matter of any sort on this planet, can be reduced to simple atoms. And all atoms adhere to this same upward progression.

This is true of living and nonliving structures. The non-living materials we can do great wonders with. By manipulating the nonliving atoms, we can blend different metals into alloys, create plastic, mix and match fabrics, and even trap the electrons to create our computers. These materials are lifeless. They are no more or less than what they are. What you see, is what you get. Scientists have little difficulty understanding or re-arranging the composition of this type of atomic structure. These atoms are straight forward, inert matter.

Then, there are the other materials that form “living” things. I’m more than certain there is going to be a very big and famous discovery made sometime in the future. This will involve the discovery of the “living” component of the Living atoms department. Maybe they will call them “Midi-Chorions”. (For all the Star Wars fans)

This only makes sense. There are so many living things on this earth. There’s life of every color, shape and description. Yet, how could they possibly be made up of the same atoms that stone and dirt are made up of? Since everything is made up of atoms, and half the stuff here is living and the other half is non-living, it only stands to reason that there has to be some type of difference between the two. Somewhere buried deep inside the atomic structure of the living atoms – there has to be something else. There is obviously something that we haven’t discovered yet. I’m not certain if it’s an extra special type of molecule OR, if it’s some type of passageway. Maybe some type of sub atomic opening in the fabric of reality that allows the “living part” to exist in this 3D reality.

Obviously, our bodies are the highest form of these “life gate” atoms into our reality. Through the cells in our brain, our identity is allowed to exist and “live” here on earth. All our 5 senses, intellect, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and the additional connection to the God\Holy Spirit funnel through the many millions of living cells in our brain.

Irregarless of what that special something really is, there seems to be plenty of “it” to go around. All manner of creatures and plants abound with these “living” atoms at their core. There is so-o-o many other forms of life on the earth using life atoms. Animals, insects, fish, birds, bacteria are made up of life atoms. Then, there is the Plant life phenomenon. Plants are so very foreign to any other type of living thing. Still, they are so astonishingly prolific.

All these vast and diverse things on this wondrous earth boil down to and fit into just two simple categories: living and non-living. Surprisingly, so very much has been done using so little a formula. God’s atomic use of simplicity to complexity still contains His signature mark – elegance and style. Each and every type of material compliments or contrasts all the other materials in such a smooth, fluid way. It seems quite nature for all these elemental building blocks to be as they are. Such is the way God does things.