Fixed Water Supply on Entire Planet

Water, water everywhere, in everything and ever in abundance, well … sort of. The planet is ¾ water, our bodies are 98 percent water, water is necessary for everything alive to live. Yet for all than need, there is only a set, fixed permanent supply on this planet. We don’t get any rain from outer space. It isn’t created in the center of the earth and then spewed out upon the surface. There is only a set amount available. Not only that … water comes in two varieties – salted or unsalted.

By using the 3 separate properties of life’s one critical element, God has devised a very simple method of keeping the planet and all its inhabitants alive. By using ice, liquid and vapor, God set in motion a never ending cycle that has lasted for several million years and counting.

It’s just so simple, yet, in true God fashion, it is staggeringly effective even on a planetary scale. Let’s consider, if the entire planet gets too cold, the polar ice caps grow larger with more ice. Thus all the available H2O is conserved. If the planet gets too hot, then the Ice caps melt and shrink. This spreads the available H2O across a greater land mass by evaporating into the atmosphere and raining on everything.

Water starts in the ocean. It evaporates into a vapor and is blown via the winds onto the land mass. Once there, the vapor cools down into liquid rain to nourish the life on the land mass. In order to get the water farther inland, the water vapor collects into large groups (clouds). This allows water to be transported all over the entire planet, depositing rain where ever needed.

Land mass rains collect into large bodies’ water. (Lakes and ponds) Constant rains produce regular irrigation of the land – Rivers. Each river flows downhill, eventually flowing back into the very oceans that produced them in the first place!

Such is the way our God thinks. Very simple methods to get very large jobs accomplished. If we the people were to try and plan something like that – we’d need an army of thinkers, planners and computers to get the job done. Even then… we know oh too well, it probably wouldn’t work very well at first. We’d spend years getting the bugs out. Finally we would be able to get most of the planet watered – most of the time.

But planetary irrigation is not hard for the intelligence, wisdom and knowledge of God. So, I suppose the expression is true: “In trying to understand the complexity of God – Look for the simplicity in what you see.” Simple processes that sprout great complexity, such is the way our God goes about things.