DNA... Of Course!

As we know, God has used atoms and combinations of them to form every substance and item in this reality that we live in. When it comes to living things – God has created a template for the biological items. The simple double helix, composed of atoms, then becomes a micro biological blueprint that simplifies variety creation. All the while, making it easy to keep different species separated.

For example: there are quite a large number of animals on the earth that 1.) Walk on 4 legs and 2.) Have a tail. Actually, this seems to be a very popular configuration for animal life on the land masses. Irregardless of how tall, small, long, or short, the majority of animal life on the land masses of the earth has 4 legs and a tail.

Interestingly, (yet, not surprisingly) all these different animals have similar DNA in similar places. Whether it is a fox, hippo, Lion or squirrel, each of these will possess similar DNA in similar places. The main biological “outline” or structure is common to each - and rightly so. The shoulders will attach to the back in the same way, the legs will attach in the same manor, the back bone will follow the same type of form and the tail will be similarly constructed.

As you are starting to see, part of the DNA, is a template for the general, overall outline of the organic structure. This part of the DNA can be “customized” in a general manor. The length, height, and thickness of each of these skeletal outline parts can be modified. So how is that accomplished?

It’s all in the Genes. Genes are the modifiers, tweaks, and “Options” part of the Bio-software. (Wetware?) Turning some genes ‘on” and “off” you get a long back, short arms and legs, and a dark coat of fur – Oh a ferret. Turning on and off other genes and you get all the other sizes, shapes, and colors of all the other 4 legged critters of the earth.

It has been discovered that the only difference in DNA between monkeys and Humans is only 10%. Well… yeah and now you know why. The basic structure and framework of the apes, monkeys, gorilla’s etc. are just like ours. The 10% difference our simian brethren’s DNA is lacking is the extra customizations particularly to the parts of our brain; the brain parts that to allow for a non-physical, spiritual conciseness, to inhabit a bio-structure.

Any gamer can understand this concept. It’s as easy as starting an on-line role playing came and begin the tedious process of “customizing” your character. You are provided with the general outline first. How tall or short, long arms or short, dwarf or elf. Those are the main DNA parts. Then we get to the Gene modifications - for the character outline. Color of hair – check one – red, brown, green, black. Type of sword – check one – long, short, bastard, dagger. Color of eyes – check one – blue, grey, hazel, green, brown.

I think you get the idea. Start first with the basic design for the animal using the DNA strand itself. Then, by modifying the various genes on the DNA strands we can get all the different subtle variations of life that abound here on the planet. “Oh, cats and dogs general DNA is similar.” Well… no duh!

Now let’s see… a popular DNA template is the 4 legged animal one. There is also the Bird DNA template for all those flying critters. Then there’s the Fish DNA template for all our favorite sea animals. Insects have their own foreign type of template. Let’s not forget the DNA Templates for all the Plants. The tree DNA templates, of course, would be separate from the Flower Template.

Quite impressively, and again with that same type of style, God shows us more about how he does things. Based off of each of these main bio-templates comes the vast and varied forms of life that abound on this planet. The more complex the item (and its corresponding DNA) – the more customizable it is. However, at its core – this is still a very simple concept and idea for creating, managing and arranging an entire planets worth of diverse Plants and Animals.

God is slick. He uses a very simple process for creating and managing a very complex planetary life system. Thing is – how else would do it?