God's Style

Yep! For those who pay attention, you can always tell when the Great Almighty has had a hand in things. Any time God has tinkered with something, helped with something or moved obstacles out of the way. Whether directly or indirectly makes no difference, there’s always that one distinguishing defining element to His handiwork – Style!

Usually, it’s that smooth, of course, matter-of-fact way that event’s happen. The way everything ticks off like clockwork. The way we move effortlessly from one item of the day to the next. The way things seem to fall into place ever so perfectly. Those are some of the ways that we know His Holiness has been having some fun with our daily itinerary.

Most of the time we don’t notice when the God as Spirit is busy setting things in motion. It’s only afterwards that we can clearly see the goodly mischief His Holy Majesty has been indulging in. It’s at the end of the day, when we reflect, that we begin to notice “everything this afternoon simply went to plan - without a hitch!” Only at the end of the month can we see and appreciate the way we got fired from one job, 2 days later got an interview, that lead to meeting an old friend in the elevator, that lead to getting a different job across town, right next to the school your kids attend. Boom, boom, boom – and at the end of the month you’re making more money than you were while saving even more money by dropping the kids off at school on the way to work, all in one trip.

Yep! God’s good when He wants to be. He has that style. That sense of timing that impresses and amazes us. The elegant way all the big and little things come together almost effortlessly.

There are times when we realize what’s happening as its happening. This is usually when we experience that “sense of God’s Grace” in the middle of the day or in the middle of a crisis. The feeling that we are just “riding the wave” through it all, will fill our being. That’s just Captain Higher Powers telling us to sit back and enjoy the ride. If we attempted to jump in and help… we’d just mess things up. We’ll just be getting in His way. So, he gives us a “buzz on” to keep us happy and sedated while The Ole Holy Man goes to work.

Every day we can see God’s fabulous and famous trade mark doing its thing. Just look outside your window. Start a Prayer of Being, and then notice all the beauty of timing, the way all the independent bugs, birds, sounds, breezes, light, trees and grasses all seem to be moving or occurring in near perfect synchronization. No matter how chaotic things seem, there is this underlying magical rhythm and tempo to the whole mess. Even during fierce thunderstorms, if you can abate your fear of storms for just a moment to notice, yep! It’s still there, that undeniable sense of order, rhythm and timing.

The good part is that we are a part of that Style. Look at how insanely complicated, yet, fantastically synchronized our very body is. Our entire bio-machine is in constant motion, constant flow, organized to the point of staggering beauty. Every body part is doing its job near flawlessly. Whether it’s digesting foods, ferrying nutrients around or sending signals up & down the spine, absolutely every bit of the body works to one unifying rhythm – the Heartbeat.

How much more are we than our bodies? This grand bio-machine is just the vehicle that we use to get around this reality with. It was made to serve us and to die. I just wonder how much more of ourselves we are not seeing. We have thoughts, emotions, intelligence, and self-image. There has to be a style and elegance to us also. God only deals in beauty, simplicity and organization. So, how come we can see the beauty in our bodies, yet we can’t seem to see the beauty and elegance of our own self-Being?

Maybe that’s what He (as Jesus) meant when he said, “He feeds all the birds every day, how much more are you than they.” Birds only get fed from the randomly timed, fantastically organized chaos that is Nature. Just think if we could figure out how to tap into the God\Holy Spirit part of nature. How much more simpler would our lives be? How much more would we get done in the day by trying to imitate God’s sense of timing, style and elegance?Clearly, if one is to study the Almighty, one has to pay attention to God’s Style. If there’s no style or elegance to it – God didn’t have anything to do with it. Therefore, if it isn’t graceful, then we need to go back and try again. We haven’t gotten it correct yet.


Simplicity to Complexity