How God Does Things

One way to understand something or someone is to observe at what they do. Study how they go about things. Study the way they put things together. Learning by observation provides us with a cornucopia of information (and later insight) about the nature of God. To learn more about how the Almighty thinks, we have to look at how he gets the job done. Does he have any favorite “tricks”? Does God always tend to do “this” or “that”? Does He have a Divine Signature Move? What’s the Celestial Omnipotence’s M.O.? Ferretting out the “How-To” of Gods handiwork will partially lead us to the answers for all those “Why did he do that anyway” questions we so often ask.

Since we are attempting to learn about a vast Celestial Being, some of our observations may not make much sense to us in this current time. We may discover God usually does “this” in certain instances or He tends to do “that” in certain instances. But we may not know WHY He does it that way. (Perhaps future generations will be able to resolve these mysterious discoveries we make today.) Nevertheless, we can still glean enlightening information about this “God” person, just by looking at the reality he created and how some of it works.

We truly need this type of information. If we ever hope to grow Christianity beyond its current level, then we need to know everything we can about our benevolent Teacher and Creator.I’ve decided to start with God’s sense of Style first. Even though the other topics are somewhat similar in nature, and probably deserve to go first. Each one of them contains His divine sense of Better Homes and Gardens. God’s favorite spice, His signature dish, His unmistakable trademark is smeared all over everything he does. By drawing and honing your attention to God's Style first, you’ll quickly see what I mean about Gods creative elegance and sense of beauty in everything that he does. This is one thing we know for certain about Our Heavenly Father – God is good!

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