Discover GOD by His Works

Reading the Scriptures is certainly one way to discover chacteristics about our Benevolent Creator. However, there is a more direct, immediate and daily way to discover what the Scripture doesn't include.

What GOD has created, how it works, how it flows can tell us worlds about GOD that the Scripture never mentions nor ever could. GOD is a living dynamic being. So to understand this being we need to look and study how he goes about things in a living and dynamic world he created..

Please, Read each article in order.

1. What Do We Know About GOD?

Just from general observation we can determine some obvious characteristics about our Benevolent Creator.. Read on to discover some of them.

2. How God Does Things

You can always tell who did the job - by the way it was done. This is also true of God... Read more to see what I mean

3. God's Style

If GOD had something to do with it... you can always tell. His trade mark... HIS signature move... click to discover what that might be.

4. Simplicity to Complexity

GOD characteristically does things in similar fashion.. Click the ABOVE link to find out what I mean.

BELOW are four examples of the above for study.

a. Physical vs. Living

- there are only 2 types of matter on the planet

b. DNA

- Every living thing uses the same encoding scheme

c. Two Kinds of Life

- Only 2 types of life on this planet - read to see what they are

d. God’s use of water on this planet

- One water supply, one planet, one method of distribution.