What Happens As/When You Die?

One of the ultimate questions of our existence: “What happens when I die?” Let’s see, from all the reports from near death patients in hospitals. The one’s that technically “died” for a few minutes. The one’s with absolutely no brain or body function for several minutes. Then, were brought back to their bodies via electrical shock, adrenaline injection or just because they unexpectedly started breathing all of the sudden.

According to them, a few common and consistent things were experiences. First, half report that they seemed to be floating above their deceased bodies. Second, half report that they seemed to be traveling through some type of tunnel. A non-descript tunnel that had a light at the end of it. There are those who report a figure or human type shape in the light part of the tunnel. Then, there are the random reports of seeing your life pass before your eyes. This last one turns up frequently.

Remember, only because of our improved medicine, beginning around the turn of the century, are these accounts able to exist. Prior to the 1900’s, if you died… you were dead. There wasn’t any of this “coming back from the grave” stuff. It just didn’t happen. Now, especially after WWII, there are more and more accounts what happens just after we and our bio-mechanical bodies separate.

The thing I noticed consistent throughout all these narrations was the use of the word -“I”. Unanimously and without fail, every person who was momentarily “dead” for a few minutes and then returned back to their physical vessel says: “I was floating above my body.” “I was traveling through a Tunnel.” “I saw a light at the end of that tunnel.”

They say - I. They don’t say “this unknown part of me, that must have been my immortal soul, was floating above my body.” No, they don’t say that! They also don’t say: “and then, before I blacked out, this part of me that I never knew was there, seemed to be leaving me.” Nope, these near death survivors don’t say that one either. Yet, irregardless of their nationality, language or age -

They say – “I”

This directly suggests that they were completely conscious and mentally intact. They were aware and cogent the entire time of their experience. They had their identity, consciousness, sense of self, personality, emotions and world view completely unaltered AND completely without a physical body to house it all in.

Because of this complete consistency, these near death pioneers are proof positive that we are non-physical psychic\spiritual beings during and after the life of our bodies. That seems to be the very powerful and quite simple message of Christ’s rising on the third day. Even if you’re not a Christian, Even if you don’t believe in a Celestial benevolent God being. You are still left with this very real truth. When a person dies – the you of you’s doesn’t die. Your identity, the part that says “I’m ME”, will continue to exist beyond the lifespan of your body. (Are you getting some De javue’ from the Soul as Identity section of this writing?)

OK, so we know that our identity\self-concept will be intact at the time of death and after the body’s death. We know that God lives in a different realm not this one, we know that we are going to this God realm because we are made up of the same stuff God is. We know that our mind, intelligence, emotions, self-image, beliefs, personality and Identity will all be traveling on to the promised Realm.

So, with all that in mind, let’s do a step by step walk thru of what happens when you die. Just for the sake of argument, let’s suppose that you die by getting shot in the head. That’s a fairly quick and painless way to go.

You’re sitting where you are now. You sense your head moving forward suddenly as you think you hear a gunshot. There is a slight feeling of disorientation as you watch your body fall forward in front of you – but YOU are not falling forward. YOU are stationary, watching this happen in front of yourself. It’s almost as if you turned around and some actor fell on the floor directly in front of you.

Of course you’re a little stunned – your emotions are packed in the afterlife travel bag. So you are going to be able to “feel” all the feelings you normally would experience. The shock of seeing the face you only see in the mirror. Wearing the cloths you have been wearing all day is of course going to be stunning and disorienting. And since your mind and intelligence are after lifer’s as well, you’ll be trying to make sense of all this.

Then, slowly, a notion occurs to you. It starts to sink in – you’re dead. (Then temporary denial comes to your rescue.) But wait a minute, you can’t be dead! That’s not possible! You will tell yourself. But the sad, yet clear evidence will begin to sober you. True - That’s your body lying on the floor there in front of you. True - It’s wearing your cloths and your hair and your face and legs and your wedding band on your finger. And… you are able to observe all this

But you CAN’T be dead! Because you’re here, above that bleeding corpse –> ALIVE!

As the shock of what’s happening starts to wane, you also will begin to realize quite a few things all at once. Plans for going to work tomorrow just aren’t important now – even though for some reason you are feeling a little sad because you realize that you’ll never ‘work” in 3D reality ever again. Being angry at you brother for the past 10 years because he wrecked your car – just isn’t important any more.

You also begin to slowly realize that being angry for 10 years was truly a waste of time. Now your beginning to see that ALL those important “things”: being spiteful toward others, beating others to the punch to get ahead in life, collecting all those books and records, ALL those things were only important because you were there in that physical reality.

They don’t really have any meaning “here” where you are now. It’s like wearing a rain coat because you don’t want to get wet - in the desert. The rain coat is meaningless. It’s like bringing a bottle of wine in case you get thirsty - to a wine tasting festival. What’s the point of that?

Those “things” of the 3D reality are just not that important NOW, because now it’s just you. There isn’t anything else at all – just you. Just your feelings, memories, self-concept, and the kind of Person that you ARE. The only accomplishments that are of any worth now are the ones that bettered you as a person, or that bettered others as individual people.

As this slow (yet steady) revelation starts to settle in on your mind, the image and experience of Physical reality starts to fade and blur. You are operating with the minds eyes and ears now. Pretty much like we see in our movies or TV; the scene of your dead body fades to dark and the sounds begin to echo into silence. Simultaneously, an area off in the near distance starts to become more lighted. Reality is fading and blurring out into darkness, as a new area begins to become lighter and brighter. One realm replacing the other, as your mental focus shifts from one this reality to the next.

As this occurs, you are only left with yourself and what you have become as a person. You begin to realize that all those excuses: He made me angry at my children, She got pregnant so I couldn’t complete my degree, They cheated me out of those promotions so I became bitter – that complete way of thinking… just doesn’t apply any more. It’s only you. Anything that involves a “them” or “they” is fading away.

True enough, those excuses\reasons were justified and real then, there, at that reality place you used to live. But now – here - with only your identity\character to show for yourself, it becomes stunningly and embarrassingly clear, that those excuses are worthless, useless, unimportant, empty reasons for the fact that YOU didn’t become any better a person than you did. Those “reasons” were only valid so long as you lived in that body, in that reality; during that time you were there. But now, outside that body, outside that reality, and removed from those folks and that time, you only have personhood, quality and caliber of character to show for yourself.

You will probably become afraid. As the view of your old reality fades and the new Realm of God’s land moves towards you – expect to feel a bit exposed and afraid. Also, because we ARE part of the cosmic material God himself is made out of … expect to feel a strange mix of excitement, curiosity and relief. Also, I suppose… as the end of the tunnel comes right in front of us… and we can begin to see what’s at the other side… expect to feel a little – WOW!

And so, this is pretty much what happens when you die. At least it’s my conclusion. Given all the information, feelings, evidence, biblical references etc., in short… All things considered… that is what happens when you die.