Holy Trinity vs. Water

“In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit”, this is the Holy Trinity. Throughout the entire New Testament, we are presented with the notion that God is actually 3 parts. Or is it that they are 3 separate parts of one entity? Or is it that the 3 separate parts are actually tethered together by a similar cord of Holy energy? These are good questions… let’s see.

As for myself, I am of the opinion that there is One God that manifests himself in 3 unique forms. Each of these forms is composed of (and exists as) the same Celestial thing. I see The Holy Trinity as one unit. It would be good for all of us to get to the point where we see Jesus as God with just a people skin on. It would be helpful for us to get to the point where we can see Holy Spirit as the God in us.

But, how can we do this? What’s a good clear example or a ready analogy to help grasp this 3 as 1 concept? Well, God gave us an abundant supply of the perfect reference for this very thing... Three fourths of the planet we live on, as well as 97% of the very body we live in, are both composed of the perfect analogy for 3 as 1 – WATER!

We all know from science that water is composed of two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom; hence, the chemical reference - H2O. Science also tells us that this water (H2O) has three states: Solid, Liquid and Gas. Each of these three states is unique and individual. Also, each of these different states is only achieved when certain circumstances occur.

Even though these 3 different states of H2O appear to be quite removed from each other; they are, in fact, the same chemical stuff. Their molecular composition is pin point precisely the same. The only difference between Ice, Water and Steam is the physical condition that they appear in.

We have no difficulty understanding this phenomenon. When we see water as a solid - we call it ICE. But mentally, we see water that’s just very cold, below the freezing point. The same can be said of Snow. We use the word snow, however, in our thinking, we see very cold rain water. The same can be said of STEAM. Even though we call it steam, mentally we see very hot water above the boiling point. Then finally, at room temperature, in its normal state – we see water as a liquid that flows. H2O can appear in 3 separate physical states depending upon the room temperature. Nevertheless, it still remains H2O.

When it comes to water, we can easily see all three states at the same time – nearly in the same place. All we need is a very hot skillet and a medium sized cube of ice. Just set the ice cube on the hot skillet and voila’ – all three separate states of water come into plain view. The ice cube sits in the middle. The cube bottom melts forming a small puddle of liquid water. The edge of the puddle of water boils and becomes steam. Boom! Right there in one place – all 3 separate states of the same element.

It seems to me, that the Holy Trinity is just like this H2O water stuff. There is the Celestial (God) part: an entity what lives in a reality called Heaven. There is the earthly, physical reality part (Jesus): the human incarnation of the God life force that lived here on the earth. Finally, there is The Holy Spirit, this mystical spirit who did all God’s bidding, possessed humans to become Prophets. Later it was called The Advocate to help us people along with things here on the Earth after Jesus ascended into the Heaven. Also, it’s the connection from US as non-physical entities to the realm where God lives.

But, just like H2O – the underlying composition of these 3 Holy entities reveals that they are in fact – the same critter. Each one is the exact same celestial being, only manifested differently depending upon the circumstances – no more, no less.

Obviously, the water (H2O) analogy is going to be a bit simplistic. Especially when applying it to a celestial deity of immense power, energy and intelligence. Still, that doesn’t mean that it’s inaccurate. Apparently, The Holy Trinity is more tightly connected to each other than we have been giving them credit for. Also, we have more of an ability to understand this phenomenon that we are giving ourselves credit for. It used to be called a “mystery of faith”. Seems, as time has gone by, it’s not so mysterious after all.

So, you may ask, why the 3 different names? Quite simply, in the past there had to be a different name for each part of God. We humans need names and labels so our minds can identify and consequently learn about anything. God was already being entitled “God”. So when he came here on earth he couldn’t have referred to himself as God version 2.0. This would have confused the “be geezers” out of early Christians. Additionally, He couldn’t have referred to himself as God Version 2.0 in spirit form. That would have been worse! We all know that early Christians were grounded in the “what you see is what is real” world view. God had to individually label these three expressions of Himself just because, that’s all these folks could comprehend.

At the level of understanding that we are now living in, it is easy to see why there had to be 3 different labels (titles?) for the conditional manifestations of this Celestial Singularity. So, just as H2O has 3 different states, (solid, liquid and gas) depending upon the temperature. Then so biblically, God is the great being up in heaven, God\Jesus is the God as man down here on earth. And the God\Holy Spirit is the God\advocate or Jesus\advocate that flows with us here in physical reality.

I would like to think that we could learn to “see” each part of the Holy Trinity and one thing. The same Celestial intelligence and energy manifested in 3 different states. Just like the way we can view ice, water, and steam as the same element – only represented in 3 different states.