God's Magnetic Personality

Sometimes it gets to be very difficult to wrap you head around the notion that there’s an invisible force that’s at work in everything that you do during the day. Truly, trying to envision a Celestial Deity that is real, active, viable and immensely powerful can be quite a daunting task. Especially if most of what you do in your life involves the material physical world. Construction workers, bakers, engineers and the like are folks that rely on the physical world to remain constant in order for them to perform their work. Consequently, it might be very difficult for them to imagine a non-physical life force that can manipulate the very materials they work with daily.

Adversely artists, musicians, designers, creators in any field, may find believing in an invisible force easy and even entertaining. However, these highly imaginative folks, just like nearly all children, can quite easily believe in anything you tell them. So, they need more simpler and concrete examples or explanations to understand this God, Jesus, Holy Spirit phenomenon.

Regardless of which category you may fall into, Nature has provided us with a handy and readily available example to help anyone to understand or believe in an invisible life force of great power. This is very similar to the example of water here on the earth as an analogy to understand the Holy Trinity. Only this time we’ll use - magnetism.

Now, it is indisputably true that magnetic and electromagnetic forces play heavily in our bodies, worlds, and universes inner and inter workings. Everything from atoms, molecules, chemical compounds, nerve cell communication, planetary poles, etc. use some type of magnetic or electromagnetic property. Yet for all the power that magnetism possesses, it cannot be seen with the naked eye. In fact, it’s a lot like the wind. You can’t see it… but you can sure see what it does and where it is.

So for this example, you will need is two fairly strong magnets. (They don’t have to be large in size just strong in magnetic force.) Also, they need to have clear north and south poles or positive and negative ends if you prefer. Rotate the ends of the magnets around until you can tell which ends attract each other and which ends repel each other. Take the two ends that REPEL each other and try to push them together – this should be difficult to do if your magnets have a good strong force.

Now comes the fun part, pull the magnets away from each other until you can’t tell there is any repelling force. Then do the opposite. Slowly push the ends together until you can clearly tell there is a repelling force. Slowly rotate the magnets around that repelling force; as if the metal magnets were rolling around the “ball” of repelling force.

The important thing to understand here is – you can undeniably realistically sense and “feel” the dimensions of the repelling force! You know exactly where it is, how big or small it is, and where it begins and ends. As you try and move the magnets closer together, you can also tell exactly where the strong spots are and exactly where the weak spots are. In fact you can tell a lot about this magnetic force except – it is not perceivable by any the 5 physical senses.

You cannot see this force with your eyes, even though you know exactly where it is. You cannot smell this force. It makes no sound of any sort. And if you put your tongue in between the magnets… you wouldn’t taste anything except maybe one of the magnets you tasted by accident. If you were to ask someone else to hold the magnets while you put your finger in the repelling zone… you would not feel anything. No heat, cold, textile feeling (soft or coarse), it’s not slippery, dry or any other type of sensation. Also, it emits no light and has no weight. But for all that it is NOT; it IS clearly, undeniably, unmistakably and unquestionably - REAL.

This little area of space has a definite shape, size and strength. Most importantly, it can only be perceived by “sensing” where it is. You “feel” the shape of the repelling area. Not feeling like with the sense of touch. But it’s more like you can just mentally “tell” its dimensions based upon what you sense as you roll the magnets around. The repelling forces dimensions are not only real, but they are strong and powerful. Though this magnetic force defies all our physical senses, our mental “senses” tell us that this repelling force is there and real. So we believe in it.

And so, I’m suggesting that the Great Celestial Creator is the same way. Just like the repelling magnetic force, The Supreme Intelligence is not perceivable to the 5 physical senses. But, He’s just as real and powerful as the magnets magnetism. With the repelling force, we had to move the magnets away and towards each other to discover the strength of that force. We had to roll the physical magnets around each other to discover the repelling forces dimensions. However, only by mentally “sensing” did we discover these defining qualities of the repelling force.

And so, God’s presence is also something that we “sense” around us and with us. We just have to start trying to “hone in” on what God feels like when He’s around. All we need to do is the same type of “discovery testing”, like we did with the magnets, to find out what God ‘feels” like. By paying attention to what we feel like when we know God is clearly present in our thoughts or daily situations. Then, see what we feel like when we know He’s not there so much. This would be a good place to begin learning to sense the Holy Creator.

This shouldn’t be too difficult for us, given our current knowledge of our minds and its inner workings. Nearly all our entire internal mental world is well known to us. We can easily identify our emotions. We clearly know the difference when we are angry vs. when we are in a loving mood. We have learned to tell the difference between our emotions and our intellect. We can instinctively tell the difference between simple, passing thoughts and concrete beliefs. Our identity is just as clear to us as is our personality and its assorted traits. So it shouldn’t be too gosh awful hard to tell what psychic elements are God – He is simply what’s left after you have eliminated all the other mental sensations or items in your mind.

Just as surely as the power of the magnetics cannot be seen but its results are more than obvious. So God is not visible to us, yet current day miracle upon miracle, unexplained healing after unexplained healing, and answered prayers pile up upon more answered prayers. Make no mistake; there is a Great and Benevolent Celestial Deity at work in us and throughout our world. We just need to learn how to better “tune in” to His presence. Maybe the next time you pray sincerely – try to “feel” where His Holy Majesty is. See if you can sense where He is from where He isn’t.

Now let’s take this analogy just one small step further, as I mentioned earlier, magnetism and electromagnetism are intertwined into nearly everything in the physical universe. At the same time, the magnetism property itself remains separate. God is very much like this. (NOT that I think a Vast Emotionally Supreme Intelligence is just a simple positive or negative magnetic pull – NO!) What I’m getting at is, this Great Holy Life Force invisibly permeates all living material, yet remains separate and apart from it. Just as magnetic power permeates the metal squares that we call magnets. So God interconnects with us and our identities. The Omnipotent Benevolence is connected and apart of us, and yet, separate and unique from us.

The magnetism and all its non-visible properties is part of the metal magnets, yet it is also a separate and unique non visible force at the same time. And so it is with the God\Spirit and us. We are not Him entirely. He is not us. Nevertheless, God’s energy, knowledge and life force flows through us. We could be the metal and God could be referred to as the powerful, invisible magnetic force that makes metal squares become magnets.

I just found the last part rather interesting. Hopefully now you can begin to “wrap your head around” what our Great and Wonderful Creator is and is to us. Maybe now it’s possible to understand that; YES, a powerful non visible life force can exist. Nature provides us with a very excellent example of this very thing. An ugly piece of metal – strong, powerful force around it.What’s really disappointing is that we haven’t tried to learn about our God sense. Why hasn’t our childhood Sunday school lessons included any exercises for discovering the God force when he’s around? Very good questions, the answers are most likely linked to the current state of Christianity. Understanding the Current condition of our beloved religion will help us start asking those “right” questions.