The Gamer's Life

Hmmm, let’s consider what the average on-line Gamer does every night. The gamer sits down at his computer and starts an on-line game. Once logged on, he starts his character; a character that he personally has painstakingly customized. Then he enters his character in the virtual world of the game he’s playing. He encounters, talks with, fights with, buys and sells with every other character in the game world. When he’s done playing the game, his character is retired and the computer\console is turned off. The Gamer himself gets up and is off to other pursuits.

This simple analogy is so very stunningly close to the nature of the Human Condition. Sitting in the living room or bedroom of nearly every Christian is the closest analogy of our self and our life in this world. It’s frighteningly obscene the way this common example of our existence has been overlooked. On-line gaming so exquisitely parallels our life in this reality it’s embarrassing the way our esteemed men of the cloth have ignored it to date.

Truer than not, the games virtual world is similar to our 3d Reality. Our bodies are the gamer’s virtual character. The character is attuned to the virtual reality that is operates in. Our character is limited only by the nature of the virtual reality he’s in. We, who live in our bodies, are the Gamer, controlling every move the character makes. WE speak and listen to the other avatars in the game realm. We are our character and then we are not. How the character looks, speaks, decides and operates with others is all up to us. Yet, we are separate from the character itself. We are a separate thinking entity operating via our created avatar.

Oh, and God? He’s the best friend sitting next to the gamer, watching him play. God/Jesus is the one right there enjoying every victory over the monsters. He’s getting angry or disappointed with our every defeat. The God\Holy Spirit is the one that watches with the Gamer and makes those suggestions like – don’t hit there he has a shield or get out of there - He’s pulling out the smart bomb! The God force is the game’s programmer who knows every trick, cheat and level in the game reality. And He’s sitting right there with you as you play.

From time to time you may get so frustrated with the game, that you ask Him to take the controller and get you through a tough spot in the game. Of course, He’ll be happy to do so. He’ll also show you how he did it. So you can do it yourself next time. Just like the Celestial Intelligence is with us in life.

And just as we live our life, we play the game. Our Soul, self, identity calls the shots in this reality. But, our Self, Soul identity is actually somewhere else also. Our Self is connected to our body; much like the gamer is connected to his character. Of course, our living connection is way more dynamic. We are vastly closer connected to our bodies than a simple gamer holding the controller. And just like so many gamers, it’s way too easy to get lost in the virtual world and forget that it’s just a game. It all seems so real.

And at the end of the game, the gamer logs off and the virtual world disappears. At the end of our lives, this reality disappears. However, the gamer and his friend are still together, just like they were; unaffected, unchanged living in the real world. And so it is with us. When we die, this 3D reality will fade out. Our Self\Spirit and God will still be where we always were; in the real holy realm where we were all the time.

So close to the truth and yet so far away is our full understanding of it. This highly accurate analogy is actually a double edged sword though. On the one hand, this means that our children and young adults are already primed, ready, and more than capable to understand the nature of our Human existence. The core concepts of our life in this reality are already their entertainment. The principles (and sometimes) the practical life abilities are already in place within them. They could possibly be the first generation that finally fully “gets” Christianity, God and Life. They stand poised to get Christianity through the glass ceiling we have created and we constantly bump up against.

On the other hand, our youth’s lack of interest in Christianity is a clear testament to how poorly, ignorantly, and shamefully our clergy have presented the greatest truth to them. Instead of igniting curiosity, wonder and excitement in the young; we have buried the “good news” underneath a huge smelly pile of religious dogma. This generation is primed and ready to be great. But our Preachers, ministers and Priests remain the old, bitter coaches; wailing the slogans “pray and God will hear you!”, “Go to church and you’ll find answers”, “believe and the Holy Spirit will show you the way.” Always ever vigilant to discourage youth’s spirit with their age old biblical stories and that empty catch-all phrase “it’s a mystery of Faith”.

Meanwhile, those young folks who need more than that, because they can understand more, just shake their heads in sadness and wander off from their churches and their potential as Christians. This generation of young folks can easily grasp the greater concepts of God, Reality and the Human Condition. But the gate keepers of Christianity aren’t giving them a fighting chance.And just like any gamer playing any game. Once it becomes apparent that there’s nothing more to do. They will stop and go on to something else more challenging.