Christian Mysteries Explained

Through out our lives, we have been told that there are some unexplainable mysteries about GOD.

We have been told that there isn't any way that we could possibly understand these "Mysteries". We are too ignorant.

Well... that may have been true 50 or more years ago... However, it is not true here today at the dawn of the 21st century!

We can grasp more than the people of earlier times because we simply know more than they did. This is part of what the Christian Phenix is about... Rising above the defacto standard, to try to achieve a more modern and mature understanding of GOD and ourselves.

So, here are a few of those unexplainable items - EXPLAINED!

1. A Gamer's Life

Trying to grasp how our "Self" can be living in this world and still be apart of GOD's at the same time? Read on and all will be clear.

2. Holy Trinity vs Water

Father, Son and Holy Spirit - 3 as one. We are told we can't understand this - yet WE CAN! Using water as an example... discover how easy it is to see GOD as all 3 and ONE at the same time.

3. GOD's Magnetic Personality

This exercise requires 2 very small, yet strong magnets. Using these it is possible to understand how a great, powerful yet, invisible force can exist. YES - GOD does exist and this article makes that fact very clear and understandable.

4. What Happens When You Die

Merging together what we know from near death experiences, and what Scripture says we are. This article attempts to walk you through the entire death to after life experience.