Where Sin Begins

It seems to me, if you examine carefully, that Sin begins with the emotions first. From there, it spreads to the rest of the psyche. This would suggest that Sin is more of an Emotional infection, rather than a Spiritual one. Or rather, it eventually spreads to the Spirit, but begins with emotion, works its way into forming opinions, grows itself into beliefs, finally the intellect is that last part of the self that gets convinced that the Sinful way is a preferred way of thinking, believing and living.

When you reflect back to each Sin and how you began to sin yourself. Isn’t it always the feelings that got the Sin ball rolling? “That felt good!”… “I’m doing that again!” Isn’t that how the sexual, gluttony and all pleasure sins begin… it feels good? What about the beginnings of the Anger, Hate, Jealousy, Envy sins? Aren’t they spawned from the negative feelings first? From there, don’t they always spread into other areas of thought? Eventually, the Sin ways, build themselves up into Opinions and Beliefs. Once they’ve done that… they become omnipotently corruptive. The intellect gets completely “on board” with the Sin style of living.

Then, the flow of the Holy One cannot assist a personality in any way. The connection to the other Realm gets blocked. It’s kinda like an alcoholic. When they are drinking … they don’t see anything wrong with the way they are living. Everything includes the booze and the “buzz” condition - all day and night. The drunkard doesn’t think anything is improper. However, once they get “sobered up”… then they can see and understand that their intoxicated persona was – in fact – wrong. With a clear head, then they realize the foolishness of the way they were.

So, it is with Sinful living. The Sinners doesn’t think a thing is wrong with it… until they have to do without the Sin item or way of living. (ie… sex, hatful thinking). Only then can the power of the Holy One begin to “get through” and do some “clean-up work”. Once the sin becomes reduced back to emotional upset – from whence it came – then it can be dispatched with permanently.

Isn’t that what “forgiveness of Sins” really does? It simply re-sets you back to emotional zero. Back to a state before the Sin items had taken hold of your feelings and convoluted them. Doesn’t this explain why “getting Saved” is always an EMOTIONAL experience … not at intellectual one? The notion of salvation always makes one FEEL better. (Not necessarily makes them smarter)


How Sin Spreads