Sin and Us

This would also explain why God so emphatically despises Sin. (Whatever that stuff is.) Especially concerning us. It’s almost as if we are the children at school during a severe outbreak of highly contagious stomach flu. God, along with a vast array of celestial entities, is busy trying to protect the kids from getting this disease. Our being could wind up like those in quarantine.

Of course, this is a disease affecting our “self”. Our very minds, identities, emotions are what’s at stake. We here in 3D land school, learning about how to use Time, create life, taking care of life, learning to use and control emotions, practicing our cause and effect lessons, etc., could become contaminated. We the children need to be protected from what we are not developed enough to understand.

Realistically, the physical world by itself is not sinful. We don’t hear of 20 antelopes going to hell because they sinned. No, just like there are germs in the back yard. The germs are only harmful if we come in contact with them. And they get into our bodies. Then we become ill. But the germs by themselves are just germs. They are neither good nor bad.

So it is with Sin and us. The 3D earthly realm is not inherently Sinful by itself. It’s just nature ridding around being natural. Only when we make non-holy actions does this earth become Sinful. In other words, the earth only becomes Sinful when we make or spread Sin ourselves.


Physical Results of Sin