How Sin Spreads

It seems to me, that this Sin behaves more like a bacteria or virus rather than like a single occurrence. Well, for example, if I randomly hit Bill Jones with a rock. Bill becomes angry, hurt, feels a little confused (what did he do to deserve that?) and becomes vengeful. If that was all that became of my “Sinful” actions, then, that would be a onetime occurrence of this Sin stain on me. I would be the one that sustained the blemish of Sin.

However, Sin propagates itself, growing and spreading, person by person. Using the example above, I get a Sin blemish because I willfully and deliberately caused all those harmful feelings in Bill Jones. Then 10 minutes later, Bill randomly strikes Tommy with his fist, then, my sin on me also becomes the same sin on Bill. Bill in turn spread that same sin onto Tommy.

BUT, Tommy remains sin free. Only if Tommy strikes or yells at another person down this timeline will Tommy incur this same sin. It seems that my Sin, born out of anger, gets passed along to another ONLY if they act upon it. I make you angry, so you make another angry, who in turn makes a third person angry, and who further causes a fourth person to become angry. Such is the way Sin spreads from person to person.

If you don’t act upon or continue the Sin of another, then you are rendered immune to their Sin. (Or, At least, that immediate single instance of their Sin.) This is why I am suggesting that Sin is more virus or bacteria like in its nature. Its behavior is very similar to these germs. Sin, in and of its self is nothing. A bacteria sitting on a rock is harmless. For all practical purposes - It doesn’t exist. Thinking about hitting someone with a rock – the thought by itself – is fairly harmless.

However, once you infect another person with your Sin, (you act upon the sinful thought) Then, First YOU have a Sin blemish and you have created the potential for the other person to spread that blemish to another.

Curiously, if you cause another person to become more confident, secure in them self, happier or you help another to become more of a person – that immediately causes you to become those very same things. And Sin – it seems – works the same way. Only Sin promotes things of detriment.


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