Physical Results of Sin

Though I’m not certain WHAT Sin is or where it came from, there are a few things about Sin that can be deduced from regular observation. By observation, I’m referring to the countless accounts of Sin in the entire Bible. Both Old and New Testaments are loaded with so many accounts of what this Sin does to people I’m surprised no one has mention this.

First, I’ll start with the most glaring result of Sin. Sin undeniably has a direct impact on the function of the human body. Both the Old and New Testaments are loaded with examples of how a person’s Sin has caused blindness, limbs not to work (the lame), and diseases like Leprosy to form. The list goes on and on. Added to that, is the fact that removal of Sin immediately returns the human body to its correct healthy state. Somehow, this non-physical singularity, which occurs in the metaphysical level, can directly block entire bodily systems from working.

Second, though Sin is a non-physical occurrence – it has some type of direct connection with our outward and internal realities. Constantly the scriptures remind\warn us about the perils too much indulgence brings. Interestingly though, this includes not only indulging in too much of the physical world, but, also too much indulging in an internal item as well. Too much sex, eating to the point of gluttony or becoming a drunkard, is just a “Sinful” as worshiping false Gods, vanity, selfishness, harboring too much anger, or basking in the glory on one’s own intellect.

Apparently, we can get this Sin from either the outward world (here in the 3D reality) or from the inner world. (pride, hate, prejudice, etc.) Yet, both ways impact the same thing – US. Our personhood is the thing that gets polluted. Our mind\self is the thing to keep protected from this Sin contamination, lest we enter the realm where God lives and be “quarantined”.


Where Sin Begins