SIN is Of the God Realm

Right from the “git-go” in the Garden of Eden, God has used that word to indicate something vile that we are to stay away from if we want to cross from here to His Realm successfully. This word is used throughout the whole Bible in reference to what we are to NOT do.

My thinking is that Sin is something that occurs in Gods world. And because our personhood\identity is a part of the stuff of Gods world, Sin becomes something that we are to learn about in order to protect ourselves. Much as a child is taught NOT to cut their fingers with a sharp knife. If the child does – they will break the skin, and then bleed to death. So, whatever this Sin thing is from God’s world, we are being taught NOT to cut our psychic skin selves – lest we spiritually bleed to death.

Further evidence that Sin is a manifestation found in the God world\realm is simply God’s own reaction to Sin. God absolutely despises this Sin thing. He reacts just like a parent. You walk into your kitchen and there on the floor is your 4 year old. The under-sink doors are open, he has a small bottle of bleach in his hand, his mouth is open and he is in the process of trying to DRINK IT!!

You, the parent, react immediately! You start shouting, and as quick as your body can move, you get the bottle of bleach out of this child’s hands. Your heart is racing. Your half sick thinking about what horrible thing was about to happen to your beloved child. Also, you become angry at the child. How stupid that child was. How many times had you told him\her NOT to get into the sink cabinet?

And just the same, God has reacted like that to Sin and us. How many times has he said “Don’t kill anyone?”, “sex isn’t everything”, “Don’t strive exclusively for money and power?” Clearly, this Sin thing has something to do with the celestial realm, the composition of the celestial individuals or the composition of ourselves as young otherworldly entities.

God adamantly and ardently - does NOT like SIN!

More compelling evidence, that this Sin phenomenon is perpetuated from the divine netherworld, is the constant reference to “our sins are following us to judgment day” or that “we will be judged for our sins”. We know that our identity, mind, emotions, beliefs, self-concept, and personality are all the combined psychic elements that go on to God’s home realm. The possibility of Sin – it seems – is also included in our netherworld luggage.

Additionally, Sin is often times referred to as a type of blemish or stain that is visible to God. Even though all things are visible to the Almighty One – everything from atoms all the way up to Universes, He is really pretty anal about this Sin phenomenon harming and corroding his children. To the degree that he won’t allow any personality\identity into his home that has this Sin occurrence on it.

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