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I’ve saved this section about Sin for last just because I wanted to present my other thoughts first without contaminating them with this fiercely ingrained preconception of the Original Sin. I’m just not so sure I can go with the whole Adam and Eve, Temptation, thrown out of Eden story. Simply because I don’t think God is more naive than Eve was. Also, I don’t believe that God gets his Kicks from inflicting pain. If you really think about it … that whole story just doesn’t jive any way you look at it.

According to legend, God made everything, and then he made Adam. Sometime afterwards God decides Adam should have a companion (Oh, like everything else on the planet? DUH!) So, God fashions Eve from one of Adams ribs. So far so good, all of that has good flow and is believable (from a “beginning of time fairy tale” point of view) God told both of them to NOT eat from the tree of knowledge, so far so Good. Now we are getting close to the questionable part.

Now, somehow this Lucifer person manages to get into the Garden of Eden. Completely undetected by any Higher Being, this devil gets close to Eve. He tempts Eve to eat from the Forbidden tree. She does so. She gains instant knowledge of right and wrong. Then, with her superior knowledge she easily dupes Adam into eating the same fruit of the tree. He gains instant knowledge. He realizes that Eve has tricked him. Also, they both realize they are naked and proceed to cover up.

Later that day, His Mightiness comes to the Garden of Eden. Somehow His Omnipotence is completely oblivious to what had transpired. He asks the pair why they are covered up. Adam blames Eve and Eve blames Lucifer. God immediately throws a temper tantrum and throws both of them out of Eden and smites the devil to be a snake. Hence, we have sinned against God and have to live here on earth. While all future generations of Humans wear this ugly blemish of the original Sin of disobedience to God.

REALLY! You really think God is so oblivious to everything, that He didn’t know Eve was about to eat that Fruit? Where was “He Who Knows Everything” when Eve was taking the fated bite? You really think that God simply took a nap and didn’t know Satan was in His special Garden? If God didn’t know, talk about someone seriously asleep at the wheel! But, if we operate with what we are told, and that is that God knows everything at all times and knows everything to come. Then we are left to reach an even more disturbing conclusion. That God is one sadistic fatherless entity! Why do I say that?

If God knows everything, then He clearly knew Eve was going to eat the fruit and sin. This directly implies that God knew Eve was going to sin, even as God Himself was pulling the rib out of Adams side (to make Eve). Shockingly, this implies that - as God was making Adam - He knew Adam would ask for Eve, who was going to eat the fruit (thus SIN) and get them both thrown out of Eden. This suggests that God made Adam deliberately knowing that Adam was going to fail. Poor ole Adam TheFirstMan was a dead man walking!

This makes God one sadistic pain loving fellow. Not only does God suffer the pain of betrayal from Adam & Eve, But He also has to suffer the pain of loving them. While He longs for His Children to come back to Him. He is torn and tortured by the memory of their disobedience. This reads like one bad soap opera. Talk about an emotionally crippled Deity with some Holy issues!

Do I believe this – NO! Do I believe that God so naive that He didn’t know what was going on in His own self-created garden? – NO! So what do I believe? What does make sense and doesn’t insult the intelligence of Our Divine Creator or ourselves?

Well, I believe we don’t know for certain whom the original author of the Book of Genesis was, or how old it is. I’m just wanting to make a credibility check here. Genesis’s creation is simply attributed to the “hand of God”. I do believe that this “Adam & Eve” makes for a nice story full of fierce inconsistencies. What I suspect truly happened is as follows:

God did create the universe, planet and all that is present on the planet. I am certain that God created Man and Woman; fashioned in His Celestial image with a physical body as a Host while their Self\Soul operated in this reality. I do believe that for a period of time Man & Woman were similar to the other animals, following nature’s flow – the will of God. The only difference was that we had emotions, intellect, and memory far above that of the other animals had. And,just as squirrels, birds and other critters spontaneously went about their day, looking for food, resting, playing around, sleeping etc. So Adam and Eve (not cave people - fully formed) would do same.

Then came a turning point, Humans became sentient. They could suddenly use Free Will to decide for themselves. This ability created right actions and wrongful actions. They were no longer “tuning in” to the natural flow of God’s energy like everything else in the world was. They were now separate. They were still apart of God and His presence, yet separate. People could now make decisions that nothing else in nature would consider doing. Decisions like being wasteful, carrying grudges, hating, killing for sport etc. In short – they could choose not to follow the Will of God and this was called SIN. (I suppose that’s an acronym for Separated In Nature. Hehehe)

Thus, God has spent a great amount of history getting us to do things His way, and we in our ignorance, have spent nearly all of history doing as pleased us. I’m supposing that Humans becoming sentient was part of the plan from the “get-go”. When Humans chose to wander off the natural path of happiness and onto the Highway to Hell, their wrongful decisions became Sin.

Just as a side note: I do find it interesting that the Genesis authors chose to make woman temptations weakest link and then have her become the one who attained knowledge first. Maybe the authors were women? We don’t know.

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