A Celestial Disease?

It’s almost as if this Sin thing was a type of celestial disease. Sin is like something that the folk up there in the God realm didn’t see coming.

I say this because Lucifer, by all accounts, was one of God’s right hand men. (So to speak.) In a celestial society with God, Arch angels, angels, seraphim, cherubim and cherubs, why would there be a reason for Lucifer to want to be God? As is explained to us, the beings living in the “Holy Land’ are a fairly contented lot. There isn’t really any “gain” to be had by being God per sae. This begs the question, why would Lucifer suddenly want to become God? What would prompt one of the most trusted heavenly deities to want omnipotent power? He (Lucifer) already had so much power it wasn’t funny.

However, if Lucifer became infected with some type of corrupting substance, that would explain a lot. And left unchecked, this “infection” eventually corrupted his entire being. Not only Lucifer himself, but this “plague” seems to have spread to other entities in the God realm. Arch angels and angels also became infected. To the degree, that the infestation of this “Sin” was so rampant, that God and the other “clean” beings had to force the diseased ones into exile.

I do find it interesting that the “sick” entities were not killed or destroyed. Instead, they were quarantined. All of them forcefully herded into one contained area. And, as with all mentally ill things, they formed their own distorted society. We have been Biblically told that this “no fly zone” is called - Hell. I suppose like other biblical references … God had to call it something, so we here could have a word referencing this place of Devils.

I’m guessing that this isolation move was made because there may have been a hope for a cure. Or possibly, that the high level of beings that God and angels are – the sick couldn’t be destroyed. There may be no way to “do away with them”. Keeping the corrupted sick celestial beings locked up may be the only way to contain the spread.


Sin and Us