What About SIN ?

No One is truly certain what Sin is or what that word is to represent. Clearly, God doesn’t like it. It is mentioned as the complete Antithesis of what good Christians are supposed to be shooting for. And the Devil is its master.

So, Even though I don’t know What Sin IS… I can tell where it manifests itself. It is decidedly a Non-earthly item. It is created, lives, grows and procreates itself in the celestial, non-earthly realms and beings. Since we are half beings of the divine world, then we are subject to this contamination of our psychic selves.

And God has spent a great deal of our earthly time trying to protect us, warn us and educate us about this “thing” from his world that can and will ruin the parts of us that are also of his world. No wonder huge chunks of the Bible are devoted to “How to be the best person you can be”. Our very personhood, character, beliefs are subject to spoilage because of this Sin thing.


Please read the articles about SIN in the order presented.
They will make more sense as you go.

1. Of the God Realm

Sin did NOT originate here on earth. Sin first appeared in the place where GOD and the Angels live.

2. A Celestial Disease?

Sin is almost like a disease or affliction that the Celestial deities didn't see coming.

3. Sin and Us

Even though we live in human bodies,
our self is made up of GOD material - therefore only the Celestial parts of us is susceptible to Sin

4. Physical Results of Sin

Sim impacts physical well being. Look at all the people that are HEALED when sin is removed from them.

5.Where Sin Begins

Sin starts as an emotion affliction. Starting with emotions, spreading to Opinion, Beliefs and finally seducing Intellect.

6.How Sin Spreads

Sin travels from person to person similar to a bacteria or virus. Examples are given in this short article

7.About Adam and Eve

This Article explains why the Adam and Eve story as written most likely did not occur. It's too problematic. Read WHY...