Welcome to the Home of Michael Corbett

"Though there are many fellows that have my same name. I am not they...

...Sorry, I'm not that actor, nor am I the Real Estate book author,

nor am I any of the doctors or the Cornucopia of others you will find

bearing my same moniker...

No.. I am I...

... and I'm the only one like ME!"

Hi Michael Corbett here...

...and Welcome to GOOD WORLD 2015. This site is the WEB outlet for the
3 You Tube Channels that I maintain:

1. NowYouKnow MS Word

2. NowYouKnow Excel VBA

3. Christian Phenix

This website allows me to provide supplemental information that I can't provide on You Tube itself. Downloadable Documents, Step By Step Instructions, Feedback from questions you might have, ect.

The information, techniques, etc. about MS Word, and Excel VBA that I present are things I've learned over the past 20 or so years. I've owned every version of MS Office Professional since 1995. (Except Office 2007 was the only version that I missed out on.)

Most of these techniques I have learned are from either the large manuals bought in the stores, help from the on-line newsgroups or just my plain ole ingenuity.

I am presenting the methods an techniques that I know "WORK" in real life... and that are the simplest or easiest to understand and execute.

I'm hoping that if you find the info in these small video's, downloads and techniques helpful.

Maybe you would donate a $1.00 or maybe more to help me. I realize that folks expect the internet to be free (Lord knows I do) ... but then again, I don't mind paying for good info, especially if it helps me get the job done.

Yep! This is ME!